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Updates on June 14, 2006

DVDAttacheCocoa logo
DVD management app, integrates with Amazon.

Updates on May 22, 2006

WineBee logo
Wine cataloging and management.

Updates on May 3, 2006

HonniProject logo
Simple Project and Task planning tool.

Updates on April 22, 2006

AACrT Movies logo
Video library catalog.

Updates on March 13, 2006

quickWebAlbum logo
Generates a slideshow of a folder of JPEGs.

Updates on January 30, 2006

Virtual WineCellar logo
Organize your personal wine inventory.

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on January 18, 2006

Launcher Widget logo
Widget to organize/launch widgets.
RADRebateTracker logo
Track rebates before they get shipped.

Updates on September 7, 2005

The Progressive Columns logo
Widget headlines from The Progressive magazine.
Book Database X logo
Organize your books.

Updates on August 31, 2005

Car Companion logo
Track your vehicle maintenance schedule.

Updates on August 26, 2005

Media Library logo
A library for your CDs, videos, books.

Updates on August 6, 2005

Simple Diary logo
Text, image & video diary w/password feature.

Updates on April 2, 2005

homeAudit logo
Inventory items in your home.

Updates on February 23, 2005

Sole Possession logo
Keep track of your personal belongings.

Updates on February 6, 2005

Steam. logo
Store schedules of BBC radio broadcasts.

Updates on November 22, 2004

DeliciousExporter logo
Publish your Delicious library on the web.

Updates on September 20, 2004

TrueNav logo
GPS utility.

Updates on September 8, 2004

DVD Library Database Solution logo
Organize your DVD collection.

Updates on August 26, 2004

iBirthday X logo
Birthday date notifier alarm.

Updates on August 4, 2004

Library logo
Book collection organizer.

Updates on July 18, 2004

Foto Ensemble logo
Store & organize digital photos.
Foto Ensemble X logo
Store & organize digital photos.

Updates on April 12, 2004

Bookjerk logo
Manage your home library.

Updates on April 8, 2004

Appleworks Database Files logo
Appleworks database for software & hardware inventory.

Updates on April 6, 2004

BMI Companion logo
Body Mass Index calculator.

Updates on March 19, 2004

PhotoShow logo
Create digital photo albums.

Updates on March 18, 2004

XTension logo
X11 home automation solution.

Updates on March 15, 2004

ComicCollector logo
Manage comic collections.

Updates on February 12, 2004

flix|able logo
FileMaker Pro database to inventory your DVDs.

Updates on January 10, 2004

iMedia Suite logo
Manage books & media.

Updates on December 30, 2003

iBirthday logo
Birthday date notifier alarm.

Updates on December 20, 2003

Complete Collector logo
Organize your collections.

Updates on December 17, 2003

iWish logo
Christmas wish list tracker.

Updates on December 14, 2003

iFotoalbum logo
Display iPhoto collections on the web.

Updates on December 11, 2003

Serializer logo
Serial number storer.

Updates on November 20, 2003

iChart logo
Manage sequence and/or collection of charts.

Updates on November 18, 2003

The Missing Comic logo
Keep track of your comicbooks.

Updates on October 24, 2003

iMultiMedia logo
Organize your video & DVD collection.

Updates on September 12, 2003

Vinyl Tracker logo
Manage a vinyl record collection.

Updates on July 21, 2003

Webby logo
Store website logins and passwords.

Updates on July 7, 2003

Home Media Librarian logo
Java app to catalog your media collections.

Updates on June 2, 2003

CarCare logo
Organize your car maintenance information.
CarCare X logo
Organize your car maintenance information.

Updates on May 21, 2003

DVD Rack logo
Track your DVD titles.

Updates on May 9, 2003

TuneFinder X logo
Index of over 13,000 melodies.

Updates on March 31, 2003

DVDatabase logo
DVD collection organizer.

Updates on March 25, 2003

PasswordMaster X logo
Encrypted serial number & password storage.

Updates on March 10, 2003

WatchIt logo
Reminds you when TV shows begin.

Updates on January 18, 2003

QuotEdit logo
Sort, edit and print quotation lists.

Updates on January 13, 2003

DictMaker logo
Organize and publish your Dictionaries and References.

Updates on January 8, 2003

AppleSpec Database logo
Listing of every computer made by Apple.

Updates on October 23, 2002

CerealStore logo
Organize your serial numbers.

Updates on October 22, 2002

BookCovers X logo
Store references to all of the books you read.

Updates on April 16, 2002

X2Web logo
Internet interface for XTension.

Updates on April 10, 2002

PasswordMaster logo
Encrypted serial number & password storage.

Updates on March 17, 2002

Philatelica logo
Organize your stamp collection.
Philatelica X logo
Organize your stamp collection.

Updates on March 9, 2002

DVD Shelf logo
Catalogue your DVD movie collection.
DVD Shelf X logo
Catalogue your DVD movie collection.

Updates on January 7, 2002

DSS Menu logo
Printout customizable TV guides.

Updates on September 3, 2001

CP290 Director logo
Application controls your X10 home automation network.

Updates on February 6, 2001

Beepwear Manager logo
Access Timex Beepwear watch info.

Updates on February 2, 2000

BirthdayChecker logo
Scan for birthdays in text files.

Updates on January 30, 2000

BookCovers logo
Store references to all of the books you read.

Updates on February 14, 1999

MouseHouse logo
Control your X10 CP290 home automation computer.

Updates on October 19, 1998

BookCase logo
Organizes and tracks book collections of any kind and size.

Updates on August 13, 1998

What logo
Alphabetic phone number convertor and dialer.

Updates on May 3, 1998

BookBin logo
Personal librarian to organize your book collection.

Updates on February 27, 1998

Cub Scout RecordKeeper logo
Keep track of your Cub Scout troop.

Updates on October 23, 1997

Ultimate Wedding & Honeymoon Planner logo
Plan your wedding with ease.

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