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MacUpdate Desktop 6

New Mac Apps: Home Personal : Health Fitness

Updates on December 15, 2017

Stars logo
Rate iTunes songs from the menubar.
SEE Finance logo
Comprehensive personal finance manager.
Money Pro logo
Manage money like a pro.
Universalis logo
Liturgical calendar with saint of the day (formerly Catholic Calendar).
SongBook logo
Manage your song collections complete with lyrics and chords.
MoneyWiz logo
Personal finance solution.

Updates on December 14, 2017

Logic Pro X logo
Music creation and audio production tool.
Odesi logo
Accelerate music production.
Moneydance logo
Personal finance manager.
Music Binder Pro logo
Music sheets organizer and iTunes player.
TattvaClock logo
Keep track of the Tattva cycles.
Finances logo
Full-featured bookkeeping.
SayMoney logo
Evaluate your personal finances.

Updates on December 13, 2017

Capo logo
Slow down and learn to play your favorite songs.
AudioSwift logo
Use your trackpad as a MIDI controller.
Moneyspire 2018 logo
Comprehensive, user-friendly personal-finance software.
MoneyWell logo
Unique personal finance manager and budgeting app.
Spectra logo
Creating computational art from video and audio.
Reflow logo
Music-notation app reads Guitar Pro and PowerTab files.

Updates on December 12, 2017

Pine Player logo
Play almost all existing digital audio forms.

Updates on December 11, 2017

uRoute logo
Plan out your exercise.

Updates on December 10, 2017

Samplism logo
Audio file organizer.

Updates on December 9, 2017

Guitar Tabs X logo
Powerful guitar tab editor.
To Audio Converter logo
Rip and convert audio files.

Updates on December 7, 2017

MYStuff Pro logo
Create inventories for your home or business.
PDF2QFX logo
Convert PDF to QFX format.
PDF2OFX logo
Convert PDF to OFX format.
PDF2CSV logo
Convert PDF to CSV and Excel.
CSV2QFX logo
Convert CSV files to QFX (Quicken) format.
iCompta logo
Manage personal finances.

Updates on December 6, 2017

Colibri logo
Native Lossless macOS audio player.
Harmony logo
Music player with cloud compatibility.
Coollector Movie Database logo
Personal movie and video collection manager.
Boat Watch logo
Track and follow ships on a real-time map.

Updates on December 5, 2017

Trackhunter logo
Find upfront electronic dance music very quickly and easily.
Iris logo
Control display emissions for safety.
Paprika Recipe Manager logo
Simple recipe management for everyone.
MusicMaster logo
Automate tag editing for music files.
White Noise logo
Ambient sounds to relax or sleep.
guitarLayers logo
Manage notes combinations and to put them in mutual relation.

Updates on December 4, 2017

MacFamilyTree logo
Create and explore your family tree.
Shazam logo
Discover and share songs playing around you; Mac version of the popular iOS app.
Account Tracker logo
Track spending and monitor balances across multiple accounts.

Updates on December 3, 2017

calibre logo
Complete e-book library management system.

Updates on December 1, 2017

myTracks logo
GPS tracks manager; Google maps photo linker.
Musicality logo
Desktop client for Beats Music, Last.fm, Pandora, and more.
Sluggard logo
Sit less.

Updates on November 30, 2017

Debit & Credit logo
Personal finance manager.
StitchBuddy logo
Read and write with embroidery designs.
TrailRunner mini logo
Route planning for hiking, biking, and more.
Loopman logo
Slow down music for practice (was Music Slow Downer Loopman).

Updates on November 29, 2017

Spotify logo
Stream music, create playlists and more.
Exodus logo
Secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets.
SEAiq logo
Full-featured marine navigation app.
Growly Draw logo
Simple drawing app.
BluePlum Home Inventory logo
Maintain a home inventory for any property.
Reunion logo
Create a sophisticated record of your family tree.

Updates on November 28, 2017

Statusfy logo
Spotify in your status bar.
TrayPlay logo
Control Spotify and iTunes from your menu bar.
SpotMenu logo
Spotify in your menu bar.
Pocket Yoga logo
Virtual Yoga teacher with 27 different sessions.

Updates on November 27, 2017

MacLoggerDX logo
Auto DX radio tuner.
Stratus for SoundCloud logo
Simple and efficient SoundCloud player.
Places2Note logo
Remember your favorite places.
Clearview logo
Tabbed-style eBook reader.
DiversDiary logo
Customized interface for Mares dive computers.

Updates on November 25, 2017

MacStitch logo
Create cross-stitch, tapestry, beadwork, and knitting designs.
TunesKit Apple Music Converter logo
DRM removal for Apple Music.

Updates on November 22, 2017

Home Inventory logo
Easily inventory your possessions.
Amazon Music logo
Shop, play, manage, and download music (was Amazon Cloud Player).
GedGap logo
Plan, rate, and prioritise your genealogy research plan.
CheckBook Pro logo
Manage personal checking accounts.
CheckBook logo
Manage personal checking accounts.
Suggester logo
Find musical chords that work together.

Updates on November 21, 2017

Garmin Express logo
Manage your Garmin devices.
Songster logo
Drop music files to see their metadata in Final Cut Pro.
MoneyMoney logo
German banking application.
Music Spectrograph logo
Visualize and reverse engineer music.

Updates on November 20, 2017

Nano Home Inventory logo
Track personal belongings.
MyFourWalls logo
Furnishing planner.

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