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Category: Graphics And Design : Desktop Publishing

Flyer Designer 2.50

Design event fliers.

Download Flyer Designer.Download

Output Factory 1.5.21

Automate printing and exporting from InDesign.

Install Output Factory with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Themes for Keynote 1.2

120 high-quality Keynote themes.

Download Themes for Keynote.Download

LinkOptimizer 4.9.37

Reduce InDesign link size, convert colors and formats, and more.

Install LinkOptimizer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

PrintLife 2.0.4

Design with templates and high-res artwork.

Install PrintLife with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

InPreflight Pro 2.11.15

Preflight and batch packaging for Adobe InDesign.

Install InPreflight Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install


PDF Checkpoint 1.7.7

Preflight multiple PDF files, automate other operations.

Install PDF Checkpoint with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Package Central 1.9

Document packaging automation for Adobe InDesign.

Install Package Central with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Imposition Wizard for Adobe Acrobat 2.5

Create books, booklets and brochures; Adobe Acrobat plugin.

Download Imposition Wizard for Adobe Acrobat.Download

Imposition Wizard 2.5

Create books, booklets and brochures; standalone app.

Install Imposition Wizard with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Output Factory Server 1.1.1

Automate InDesign's output workflow.

Install Output Factory Server with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

deskPDF Creator 1.0

Create PDF files from any application.

Install deskPDF Creator with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Publisher Plus 1.5

Powerful page layout creation for desktop publishing.

Install Publisher Plus with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

ArtOptimizer 2.7.6

Reduces size of linked images in Illustrator.

Install ArtOptimizer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Contacts to QR Conference Cards Pro 1.3

Create QR codes from address-book contacts (was Contacts to QR Codes Pro).

Install Contacts to QR Conference Cards Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Printworks 1.0.2

All-purpose desktop publishing.

Install Printworks with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Coverage 1.0

Ink usage and cost calculator for printing.

Download Coverage.Download

Publisher Star HD 1.70

Drag-and-drop graphic designer.

Download Publisher Star HD.Download

InPreflight Studio 2.10.6

Comprehensive quality-control and reporting solution for Adobe InDesign.

Download InPreflight Studio.Download

Aquafadas Connect 1.0.4

Digital publishing software to create content without writing code.

Install Aquafadas Connect with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Coccinella 1.0.0

Screen recorder.

Install Coccinella with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Go Templates for Pages 1.0

Collection of templates for Pages.

Download Go Templates for Pages.Download

BatchOutput Server 4.9.2

Automates InDesign output workflow.

Download BatchOutput Server.Download

basICColor display 5.1.2

High-end monitor calibration and profiling.

Download basICColor display.Download

PowerNotes 1.0

Create text and freehand annotations for InDesign files.

Download PowerNotes.Download

Submit to BatchOutput Server 1.3

Part of the BatchOutput Server Workflow.

Download Submit to BatchOutput Server.Download

BatchOutput Server Monitor 1.1.5

Monitor all BatchOutput Server activity.

Download BatchOutput Server Monitor.Download

CoverBuilder 2.8.0

Streamline the process of building covers in Adobe InDesign.

Download CoverBuilder.Download

Cheap Impostor 3.3

Create books and booklets from PDF files.

Download Cheap Impostor.Download

BookMaker 1.1.2

Easily create and print 2-up PDF files.

Download BookMaker.Download

PDFoo 1.1

Create URLs to content inside PDFs.

Download PDFoo.Download

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