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Category: Graphics And Design

Updates on June 24, 2016

Selfie Collage 1.0

Use images from your Mac's camera to create a collage.

Download Selfie Collage.More Info

Updates on June 23, 2016

HakView 1.0.9

Ultra fast and ultra small application to browse photos.

Download HakView.Download

Updates on June 20, 2016

PhotoStockTool 1.0

Free photo-metadata editor for EXIF and IPTC.

Install PhotoStockTool with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 15, 2016

Super Borders 1.0.1

Photo Extension that lets you add beautiful borders to your photos.

Download Super Borders.Download

Updates on June 11, 2016

Filters for Photos 1.0.1

Filters in a standalone app and extension.

Install Filters for Photos with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 8, 2016

Paint Pro 5.5.1

Easy-to-use drawing tool and image editor.

Install Paint Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install


Updates on June 3, 2016

Illuminando 2.0

Perform lighting calculations.

Download Illuminando.More Info

Super Refocus 1.5.4

Super Refocus professionally adds focus and depth to your Photos.

Install Super Refocus with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Super Eraser 1.2.8

Remove unwanted elements from your photos.

Install Super Eraser with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Super Denoising 1.2.8

Powerful, professional image-noise reduction.

Install Super Denoising with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Amberlight 2.1.0

Unique fractal-flame generator.

Download Amberlight.Download

Updates on June 1, 2016

Olympus Viewer 3

View, edit, and manage images and videos.

Install Olympus Viewer 3 with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 31, 2016

RePix 1.3.1

Resize multiple images at once.

Download RePix.More Info

Updates on May 28, 2016

iFotosoft Photo Montage 2.0

Create beautiful photo-montages.

Install iFotosoft Photo Montage with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 27, 2016

Home Design Studio 17.5.14

Versatile home and landscape design software.

Download Home Design Studio.More Info

Lightgallery 0.1.0

Electron- and NodeJS-based image viewer.

Install Lightgallery with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 23, 2016

Chroma 1.0.1

Find your perfect color palette.

Install Chroma with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 12, 2016

Teeny Tokyo 1.2

A Small Yet Powerful Image & Photo Resizing App.

Download Teeny Tokyo.More Info

BarcodePro 8.1

Barcode creator.

Download BarcodePro.Download

Updates on May 9, 2016

GraphSketcher 5.17

Professional graphics designer editor.

Install GraphSketcher with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 7, 2016

Subtitles for theatre 1.5

Create subtitles for theatre.

Download Subtitles for theatre.Download

Updates on May 5, 2016

Screenie 1.1

Screenshot and image manager.

Download Screenie.More Info

Updates on May 4, 2016

Planner 5D 1.0.5

Creates floor plans, interior design, and decor in 2D and 3D.

Download Planner 5D.More Info

Updates on April 26, 2016

ImageType 1.0.3

Adds or appends file extensions to image files with missing or inappropriate extensions.

Download ImageType.Download

AutoQ3D CAD 5.1.10

3D modeling software.

Download AutoQ3D CAD.More Info

Updates on April 25, 2016

FreeCAD 0.16.6700

Parametric 3D modeler.

Install FreeCAD with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 21, 2016

Photo Theater Pro 4.4.0

Slideshow Movie Maker.

Download Photo Theater Pro.Download

Updates on April 20, 2016

ResoMetri 2.0.1

Determine if your photo is large enough for printing.

Download ResoMetri.More Info

Updates on April 18, 2016

Fuel for Pages 1.5.1

Unique design templates for Pages.

Download Fuel for Pages.More Info

Updates on April 17, 2016

Photo Theater 3.4.0

Slideshow Movie Maker.

Download Photo Theater.More Info

Updates on April 14, 2016


Creates 'windows' out of your pictures.

Download Scatter.Download

Updates on April 12, 2016

Badia Printools for QuarkXPress 9.1.0

Collection of printing tools and timesaving shortcuts for QuarkXPress.

Download Badia Printools for QuarkXPress.Download

Badia IDML Import 1.2.1

Import Adobe InDesign IDML files into QuarkXPress.

Download Badia IDML Import.Download

Updates on April 5, 2016

Lighting Bulb Manager 1.1

View spectral bulb data.

Download Lighting Bulb Manager.More Info

Updates on April 1, 2016

Publisher Master 1.2.0

Easy and powerful graphic design and desktop publishing.

Install Publisher Master with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 31, 2016

Paint 2.0.2

OpenGL-based painting engine (was Brushes).

Download Paint.More Info

Lucid 1.0.5

Make your photos as perfect as the moment they were taken.

Download Lucid.Download

Updates on March 25, 2016

Oh My Rainbow 1.0.1

Create a Rainbow as a Picture.

Download Oh My Rainbow.More Info

Updates on March 24, 2016

Home Designer Suite

Basic 3D home design.

Download Home Designer Suite.Download

Home Designer Architectural

Powerful design tools for 3D models, scaled plans, and elevations.

Download Home Designer Architectural.Download

Home Designer Pro

Advanced design tools for detailed construction drawings.

Download Home Designer Pro.Download

Updates on March 18, 2016

FotoFuse 1.0.0

Easily create and share collages.

Install FotoFuse with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 11, 2016

Promotee 2.0.0

Create pixel-perfect artwork for apps.

Download Promotee.More Info

Updates on March 10, 2016

Templates for Pixelmator 1.0

Collection of Pixelmator templates.

Download Templates for Pixelmator.More Info

Updates on March 9, 2016

ElectricDesign 2.0

Graphical environment for creating electrical circuit plans.

Download ElectricDesign.More Info

Updates on March 7, 2016

Photobricks 1.6

Create mosaic LEGO artwork out of photographs.

Download Photobricks.Download

Updates on February 25, 2016

Monosnap 3.3.0

Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.

Download Monosnap.Download

Updates on February 23, 2016

ContactPage XT 6.0.0

QuarkXPress XTension to supply functionality with ContactPage.

Download ContactPage XT.Download

Updates on February 19, 2016

SimpleCAD 1.91

Basic 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.

Download SimpleCAD.More Info

Updates on February 16, 2016

Street Lighting Calc 1.3

Perform road-lighting calculations.

Download Street Lighting Calc.More Info

Updates on February 12, 2016

Printworks 1.2.1

All-purpose desktop publishing.

Install Printworks with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Density 1.0.1

Quickly calculate the dimensions for multiple screen sizes.

Download Density.More Info

Updates on February 9, 2016

HDR Express 3.1

Create natural looking high dynamic range (HDR) images.

Install HDR Express with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on February 8, 2016

Stills for MS Office 2.0

High-quality illustrations for MS Office.

Download Stills for MS Office.More Info

Updates on January 30, 2016

Macaw 1.6.1

Code-savvy web design tool.

Install Macaw with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 29, 2016

Sketches for Pages 1.1

Quirky and fun scrapbook templates for Apple's Pages.

Download Sketches for Pages.More Info

Updates on January 27, 2016

GPX Photo Geotagger 1.1

Geotags photos with GPX time and date.

Download GPX Photo Geotagger.More Info

Updates on January 20, 2016

DiapoSheet 1.3.0

Layout photos and EXIF/metadata on PDF contact sheets.

Install DiapoSheet with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 19, 2016

Aquarella 1.28

Transform photographs into watercolors.

Install Aquarella with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 12, 2016

Koj 1.0

Color-scheme generator.

Download Koj.More Info

Apowersoft Mac Screenshot 1.1.0

Capture screenshots, edit, and upload easily.

Download Apowersoft Mac Screenshot.Download

Updates on January 4, 2016

Events Maker 2.0.1

Restores add-name-of-Event feature to

Install Events Maker with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 3, 2016

Effect FX 1.0

Provides 220 filter effects.

Download Effect FX.More Info

Updates on December 27, 2015

RAW Converter 1.2.0

Convert raw photo to common photo format.

Download RAW Converter.More Info

Updates on December 25, 2015

PhotoJob 2.0

Batch photo-editing toolkit.

Install PhotoJob with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 23, 2015

Google Photos Backup

Upload & view your photos from any device (was Google Photos Uploader).

Install Google Photos Backup with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 22, 2015

Photo Geolocation 1.4

Displays geotagged photos on a map.

Download Photo Geolocation.More Info

Updates on December 21, 2015

Strata Design 3D CX 8.1.0

3D rendering, modeling, animation.

Download Strata Design 3D CX.Download

Updates on December 17, 2015

Highbrow 1.5.7

Elegant, borderless image and movie viewer.

Install Highbrow with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 14, 2015

ColorDial 1.6

Easy-to-use color-selection utility.

Install ColorDial with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 10, 2015

The Noun Project 1.1.3

Community-built collection of universal icons.

Install The Noun Project with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 9, 2015

Lytro Desktop 4.3.3

Photo editing software for Lytro camears.

Install Lytro Desktop with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 8, 2015

Silent Sifter 3.1

Photo and video organization tool.

Install Silent Sifter with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 2, 2015

Censorate 1.0

Easy way to hide any part of an image.

Install Censorate with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on November 26, 2015

Image Vectorizer 1.6

Raster-to-vector graphic conversion in one click.

Download Image Vectorizer.More Info

Updates on November 21, 2015

Image Exif Viewer 3.3.0

Tool to view the metadata (Exif, IPTC) stored in image files.

Download Image Exif Viewer.More Info

Updates on November 19, 2015

Candy Apple 1.8

Graphic design and illustration app for any professional or beginner.

Download Candy Apple.More Info

Updates on November 18, 2015

Tunnel Lighting Calc 1.1

Lighting calculations for roads and tunnels.

Download Tunnel Lighting Calc.More Info

Updates on November 12, 2015

Simply HDR 3.2.5

Extend the range of dynamic light and detail in your photos.

Install Simply HDR with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on November 8, 2015

PixelShop 3.2

Layer-based image and photo editing software.

Download PixelShop.Download

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