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Category: Games : Strategy And War

Updates on June 19, 2013

Torchlight 1.15

Action role playing game.

Download Torchlight.Download

Updates on June 17, 2013

Rescue Team 3 1.0

Help the rescue team save the day in this time-management game.

Download Rescue Team 3.Download

Updates on June 15, 2013

Anomaly 2 1.0

Action game set on a planet overrun by alien machines.

Download Anomaly 2.More Info

Updates on June 10, 2013

Ballad of Solar 1.0

Help Solar fight evil and assist good in this strategy game.

Download Ballad of Solar.Download

Updates on June 9, 2013

Pirates vs. Corsairs: Davy Jones' Gold 3.5.6f4

Engage in combat on the high seas in the strategy game.

Download Pirates vs. Corsairs: Davy Jones' Gold.Download

Building The Great Wall of China 1.0

Construct the Great Wall of China in this time-management game.

Download Building The Great Wall of China.Download


Updates on June 6, 2013

TripleA 10.2

Turn-based strategy game.

Download TripleA.Download

Updates on June 1, 2013

Myth II: Soulblighter 1.8.0

Destruction reigns supreme in this 3D world of war (demo available).

Install Myth II: Soulblighter with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 30, 2013

Cubemen 1.310

Tower defense game.

Download Cubemen.More Info

Updates on May 29, 2013

Hero Academy 1.4.4

Turn-based strategy game.

Download Hero Academy.Download

Updates on May 10, 2013

Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition 2.602.3

Epic real-time strategy game with two expansion packs included.

Download Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition.More Info

Updates on April 14, 2013

Royal Defense 1.0

Tower defense game.

Download Royal Defense.Download

Updates on March 24, 2013

300 Dwarves 3.5.7f6

Epic tower defense game.

Download 300 Dwarves.Download

Updates on March 12, 2013

iBomber Defense Pacific 1.0

Fight in the Pacific theater in this war game.

Download iBomber Defense Pacific.Download

Updates on March 2, 2013

Jungle vs. Droids 3.5.6f4

Defend the animals from the droids in this strategy game.

Download Jungle vs. Droids.Download

Updates on March 1, 2013

League of Legends 1.0

Multiplayer online battle game (beta).

Install League of Legends with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on February 11, 2013

Island Tribe 1.0

Strategic resource management game.

Download Island Tribe.Download

Updates on February 2, 2013

BZFlag 2.4.2

Multiplayer, networked tank-shooting game.

Download BZFlag.Download

Updates on December 21, 2012

Prison Mayhem 1.4.1

Manage five prisons in five dangerous prison islands.

Download Prison Mayhem.More Info

Updates on December 16, 2012

Garden Rescue Christmas Edition 1.0

Help the plants in this top-down puzzle game.

Download Garden Rescue Christmas Edition.Download

Updates on October 23, 2012

SpaceChem 1.0

Challenging puzzle game of reactor engineering.

Download SpaceChem.More Info

Updates on October 4, 2012

Castle Vox 1.2

Castle-themed strategy game.

Download Castle Vox.Download

Updates on September 26, 2012

Desert Stormfront 1.0

Modern real-time strategy game.

Download Desert Stormfront.Download

Updates on August 20, 2012

Countdown Solver 2.5

Discover solutions for the "Countdown" TV show game.

Download Countdown Solver.Download

Updates on July 26, 2012

Anomaly Warzone Earth 1.2

Action-strategy tower offense game.

Download Anomaly Warzone Earth.More Info

Updates on July 12, 2012

Starfall 2 1.1

Epic tower defense sequel.

Download Starfall 2.More Info

Bastion 1.4

Action RPG game with emphasis on storytelling.

Download Bastion.More Info

North vs South 3.0.4f5

Civil War strategy game.

Download North vs South.Download

Updates on June 20, 2012

Battle Fleet 1.0

Unique naval strategy game.

Download Battle Fleet.More Info

Updates on June 19, 2012

Civilization V: Gods & Kings 1.0

Massive expansion pack for Civ V.

Download Civilization V: Gods & Kings.More Info

Updates on June 10, 2012

Garden Rescue 1.0

Defend the garden in this strategy game.

Download Garden Rescue.Download

The Tribloos 1.0

Action adventure game.

Download The Tribloos.Download

Updates on May 29, 2012

Civilization Revolution 1.7.5

Lead a civilization from the dawn of man to the modern age.

Download Civilization Revolution.More Info

Updates on May 24, 2012

Squids 1.0.1

Unique mix of action, strategy and role-playing game.

Download Squids.More Info

Updates on May 9, 2012

UFO Hotseat 1.1.3

Turn-based strategy game.

Download UFO Hotseat.More Info

Updates on May 2, 2012

European War 2 1.1

Strategy game set during WWII.

Download European War 2.More Info

Updates on April 30, 2012

Legendary Heroes 1.2.1

Real-time strategy game.

Download Legendary Heroes.More Info

Updates on April 25, 2012

UFO: Alien Invasion 2.4

Squad-based tactical strategy game.

Download UFO: Alien Invasion.Download

Updates on April 2, 2012

Order & Chaos Online 1.0.0

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Download Order & Chaos Online.More Info

Updates on March 15, 2012

Unstoppable Gorg

Tower defense game featuring sci-fi movies from the 1950s.

Download Unstoppable Gorg.More Info

Updates on March 13, 2012

Tropical Stormfront 1.0

Military-themed real-time strategy game.

Download Tropical Stormfront.Download

Updates on February 29, 2012

Minute Commander 1.2

3D naval battle game.

Download Minute Commander.More Info

Updates on February 27, 2012

Tiny Token Empires 1.2

Strategy game with puzzles and match-3 gameplay.

Download Tiny Token Empires.More Info

Updates on February 11, 2012

Doodle Food Expedition 1.2

Strategy game with allies and obstacles.

Download Doodle Food Expedition.Download

Updates on February 10, 2012

100 Rogues 2.9.6

Arcade-style dungeon crawling adventure.

Download 100 Rogues.More Info

Updates on February 6, 2012

Scorched 3D 43.3

Game based on the classic Scorched Earth.

Download Scorched 3D.Download

Updates on January 27, 2012

Tropico 3: Gold Edition 1.0

Play as a Caribbean dictator in this real-time strategy/simulation game.

Download Tropico 3: Gold Edition.More Info

Updates on January 22, 2012

Kingdom Rush 1.0.1

Action fantasy defense game for the iPad.

Download Kingdom Rush.More Info

Updates on January 20, 2012

Dink Smallwood HD 1.50

Remixed version of the classic role-playing game.

Download Dink Smallwood HD.Download

Updates on January 10, 2012

Jelly Defense 1.12

Tower defense game with colorful landscapes.

Download Jelly Defense.More Info

Be A King: Golden Empire 1.0

Rule with your strong hand and raise a powerful empire.

Download Be A King: Golden Empire.Download

Updates on January 3, 2012

Worms 2: Armageddon 1.06

Turn-based-strategy blast-a-thon.

Download Worms 2: Armageddon.More Info

Updates on December 21, 2011

EV Nova 1.1.1

Third (and only OS X version) game in the Escape Velocity series.

Install EV Nova with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 14, 2011

Battlestations: Pacific 1.2

Epic naval combat game.

Download Battlestations: Pacific.Download

Updates on December 13, 2011

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort 1.2

Sequel to the popular city development simulation game.

Download Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort.Download

Updates on November 30, 2011

Elven Legacy Collection 1.0.2

Turn-based strategy game.

Download Elven Legacy Collection.More Info

Updates on November 21, 2011

Treasure Defense 1.0.1

Tower defense game.

Download Treasure Defense.More Info

Updates on November 17, 2011

Neverwinter Nights 2 1.23.1765

Role-playing game with infinite possibilities.

Download Neverwinter Nights 2.More Info

Updates on November 13, 2011

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance 1.0.0

Hack and slash role-playing game.

Download Dungeon Hunter: Alliance.More Info

Updates on November 12, 2011

Constellation 1.2.8

Space themed strategy board game.

Download Constellation.Download

Updates on November 6, 2011

Greed Corp 1.0

Turn-based strategy game.

Download Greed Corp.More Info

Updates on October 31, 2011

Race into Space

Space race-themed strategy game.

Download Race into Space.Download

Updates on October 30, 2011

Diablo II: LoD Updater X 1.13d

Diablo II expansion update.

Download Diablo II: LoD Updater X.Download

Updates on October 28, 2011

Devils at the Gate:Total Resisitance 1.0

Tower defense game with patriots versus the devils.

Download Devils at the Gate:Total Resisitance.More Info

Updates on October 24, 2011

Uplink: Hacker Elite 1.0

Strategy game with a gritty cyber-punk atmosphere.

Download Uplink: Hacker Elite.More Info

Postal: Classic and Uncut 1.0

Shooter strategy game.

Download Postal: Classic and Uncut.More Info

Updates on October 23, 2011

Waxworks 1.0

Navigate the black maze in this bone-chilling puzzle game.

Download Waxworks.More Info

Imperial Glory 1.0

Immerse yourself in Napoleonic warfare with this epic strategy game.

Download Imperial Glory.More Info

Updates on October 22, 2011


Strategy game centered around intense thermonuclear conflict.

Download DEFCON.More Info

Personal Nightmare 1.0

Chilling, horror-themed strategy game.

Download Personal Nightmare.More Info

Ultima 4+5+6 1.0

Demonstrate the virtues of Avatarhood in a special three-game collection.

Download Ultima 4+5+6.More Info

Anomaly Warzone Earth 1.0

Fight off invading aliens in this action-strategy game.

Download Anomaly Warzone Earth.More Info

Updates on October 17, 2011

Hedgewars 0.9.16

Turn-based strategy game featuring pink hedgehogs.

Download Hedgewars.Download

Updates on October 10, 2011

Magi 1.4

Unique wizard-dueling strategy game.

Download Magi.Download

Updates on October 3, 2011

Trade Mania 1.0

Economic strategy game in the tradition of Monopoly.

Download Trade Mania.More Info

Updates on September 13, 2011

Fortix 2 1.1

Reverse turret defense / puzzle game.

Download Fortix 2.Download

Updates on September 10, 2011

BattleSheep! 1.1

Strategy game featuring sheep.

Download BattleSheep!.More Info

Updates on September 2, 2011

Great Monster Trouble 1.04

A high-definition 3D take on tower defense.

Download Great Monster Trouble.More Info

Updates on September 1, 2011

Worms Special Edition 1.0.2

Classic turn-based strategy game.

Download Worms Special Edition.More Info

Updates on August 24, 2011

Freeciv 2.3.0

Free open-source X11 Civilization game.

Install Freeciv with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

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