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New Mac Apps: Simulation - Page 5

Updates on August 21, 2008
Virtual fish pond for the iPhone.
Updates on August 19, 2008
Learn your client's tastes, create fabulous interior designs.
Updates on August 14, 2008
Launcher for Uplink game.
Updates on August 6, 2008
Realistic lighter simulator ignites when the the iPhone is shaken.
Updates on July 24, 2008
Turn your iPhone into a virtual beer mug full of beer.
Updates on June 9, 2008
Widget displays live currency charts.
Updates on June 9, 2008
Widget displays live currency quotes.
Horse race betting game.
Updates on June 5, 2008
Take control of a small independent TV station in this game.
Updates on May 28, 2008
Explore and rebuild the secret city.
Updates on April 28, 2008
3D OpenGL RPG space simulation.
Updates on March 28, 2008
Widget game based on a digital organism called The Elders.
Updates on March 6, 2008
Realistic OpenGL racing simulation game.
Updates on February 9, 2008
Virtual ATM gets play money for you.
Updates on January 7, 2008
Get the kids to bed, house cleaned before parents get home.
Updates on December 14, 2007
Fully updates all expansion packs to latest version.
Updates on December 12, 2007
Real-time causal pace evolution widget game.
Updates on November 30, 2007
Talking virtual "pet" that resides on your desktop.
Updates on November 9, 2007
Norwegian TV-Guide widget.
Run your own quiz show, similar to Jeopardy.
Updates on October 5, 2007
Light-hearted, crustacean-centric novelty app.
Updates on September 15, 2007
Plant nursery simulation game.
Updates on September 12, 2007
Virtual desktop aquarium.
Updates on September 4, 2007
Make your computer look busy.
Updates on August 13, 2007
Build an interplanetary trading empire.
Updates on July 26, 2007
Gripping simulation game inspired by the conflict in Gaza.
Updates on June 6, 2007
High-energy veterinarian simulation game.
Updates on June 1, 2007
A hectic household management simulation game.
Updates on May 24, 2007
Collaborative development research project.
Updates on May 4, 2007
Guide your tribe as they rescue a group of lost children.
Updates on April 27, 2007
Updater for the popular game.
Updates on March 27, 2007
Play with a bunch of bugs.
Updates on December 19, 2006
Roll the ball through the maze in this widget game.
Math game.
Updates on October 27, 2006
Apple II emulator.
Updates on October 15, 2006
Realistic layout timing operations for Model Railroaders.
Updates on October 12, 2006
A virtual doggie.
Updates on September 10, 2006
Provides Universal support and minor fixes.
Updates on August 25, 2006
Dance game for players of all experience levels.
Updates on July 27, 2006
Shoot, block, or reload in this game.
Updates on July 20, 2006
Game where you run your own Democracy.
Updates on July 17, 2006
1920s aircraft combat game.
Updates on July 12, 2006
Front-end for Federation 2.
Updates on May 21, 2006
Toy industry-themed puzzle game.
Updates on May 19, 2006
War plane simulation game.
Updates on April 7, 2006
Cocoa wrapper for fortune.
Updates on April 3, 2006
Explore vast 3D worlds of sound and landscape.
Updates on February 16, 2006
Widget generates wobbly GIF images.
Updates on October 22, 2005
Memory game widget.
Engaging strategy game set in a virtual theme park.
Updates on October 16, 2005
Similar to the classic Magic 8-ball.
Updates on July 23, 2005
Display computer uptime widget.
Updates on June 10, 2005
Widget calculates image resolutions.
Widget auto updates your status.
Real time display of a rotating tesseract.
Updates on May 18, 2005
Randomly plays R2D2 sounds.
Updates on March 24, 2005
Animated Dock fortune teller friend.
Updates on March 22, 2005
Flight simulator.
Updates on November 23, 2004
Dirt bike racing game.
Updates on October 22, 2004
Fixes 128MB+ VRAM card bug.
Updates on May 11, 2004
DOSBox Disk Operating System emulator.
Updates on April 19, 2004
Fixes sound booth crash.
Updates on February 28, 2004
Drug dealing game.
Updates on January 13, 2004
ATP prop jet flight simulator.
Updates on January 2, 2004
Simulates some dive effects.
Updates on November 25, 2003
Simulator of bouncing objects.
Updates on September 27, 2003
Fixes picture-in-picture window crashes.
Fixes picture-in-picture window crashes.
Updates on September 24, 2003
3D Star Trek space combat game.
Updates on September 16, 2003
Flight planner for simulator purposes.
Updates on July 15, 2003
Dancing game.
Updates on June 10, 2003
Virtual pet raising game.
Updates on May 17, 2003
Adds hardware acceleration support and more.
Updates on February 12, 2003
Classic Elite simulation game.
Updates on January 7, 2003
Virtual bar with poker & blackjack machines.
Virtual bar with poker & blackjack machines.
Updates on December 30, 2002
Submarine combat game.
Updates on December 10, 2002
Generate a personalized doll.
Updates on August 30, 2002
Fixes memory leak and more.
Updates on August 20, 2002
WWII fighter plane simulator.

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