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New Mac Apps: Games - Page 17

Updates on November 27, 2012
Interstellar adventure game.
Draft, attack, and fortify your way to saving the world.
Updates on November 26, 2012
Find clues and discover the serial killer's identity.
Updates on November 25, 2012
8 new multiplayer maps and even more zombie-killing action.
Dashboard world clock widget.
Updates on November 22, 2012
A difficult logic puzzler featuring 60 colorful handcrafted levels.
Updates on November 21, 2012
Pac-Man arcade game.
Updates on November 20, 2012
Black Ops expansion pack with tons of zombie killing adventure.
Borderlands 2 downloadable content.
Updates on November 15, 2012
Klondike solitaire game.
Updates on November 14, 2012
Jump and run game inspired by a 2D classic.
Matching game for one player.
Updates on November 12, 2012
Simon like memory game.
Updates on November 11, 2012
Build a railroad empire and shape a nation.
Unique jigsaw puzzle game.
Updates on November 8, 2012
Texas Hold'em style poker.
Play tennis by waving your arms in front of your camera.
Updates on November 4, 2012
Design a mansion and host spooky parties.
Help Blake and Mortimer protect the fate of all mankind.
Updates on November 2, 2012
2D golf with 3D graphics.
Updates on October 30, 2012
Play 8-ball pool against computer or your friend.
Updates on October 28, 2012
Experimental and artistic puzzle game.
Updates on October 26, 2012
Farm-themed strategy game.
Updates on October 25, 2012
Create a world-class getaway.
Investigate the bizarre happenings in an isolated monastery.
Updates on October 24, 2012
Jump-and-run platform game in a classic 2D style.
Game of perilous intergalactic flight.
Updates on October 23, 2012
Festive holiday puzzle game starring Santa Claus.
Explosive physics-based puzzle game.
Challenging puzzle game of reactor engineering.
Save the galaxy in an action filled game of alien encounters.
Updates on October 22, 2012
Fast-paced action game set in a war-torn future.
Updates on October 18, 2012
Halloween themed board game.
Updates on October 15, 2012
Travel around the world playing mahjong solitaire.
Updates on October 12, 2012
D&D Spell lister and generator.
Updates on October 11, 2012
Family friendly platform game.
Updates on October 9, 2012
Rid the city of malevolent spooks and spirits.
Updates on October 8, 2012
Action-puzzle game with wind and ground manipulation.
Hidden object adventure game.
Reconstruct Egyptian villages in this exciting time management game.
Updates on October 6, 2012
Turn-based game of strategy.
Updates on October 4, 2012
Castle-themed strategy game.
Updates on October 1, 2012
Adventure puzzle game.
Updates on September 29, 2012
Mod for Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game.
Fantasy-themed, card-based strategy game.
Updates on September 28, 2012
Watch animated cubes be solved.
Updates on September 26, 2012
Mac port of Super Foul Egg.
Modern real-time strategy game.
Updates on September 25, 2012
Animalville racing game.
Updates on September 22, 2012
The classic board game.
Side-scrolling action game.
Updates on September 20, 2012
Time-management game with comic-style artwork.
Updates on September 18, 2012
Hidden object puzzle adventure.
Strategy based tower stacking game.
Updates on September 17, 2012
Hidden object adventure game.
Hidden Object mystery game.
Updates on September 13, 2012
Defeat the Dark Piper in this action game.
Real-estate game.
Top-down air combat shooter.
Updates on September 7, 2012
Ninja training game.
Updates on September 5, 2012
3D perspective euchre card game.
Updates on August 31, 2012
3D card game with competitive AI opponents.
Adventure strategy game.
Updates on August 30, 2012
Puzzle game to train your mind.
Updates on August 27, 2012
★★ Experience the fun of Circus & Clown!
Halloween game.
Info for the International Space Station.
Hidden object mystery game.
Updates on August 24, 2012
Hidden object adventure game.
Updates on August 21, 2012
Help Jane save the world in this adventure game.
Five-part game series based on the award-winning comics.
Updates on August 20, 2012
Number puzzle.
Educational math game for iOS.
Fun, physics based dart game.
Discover solutions for the "Countdown" TV show game.
Updates on August 17, 2012
City-planning simulation game.
Hidden object adventure game.
Updates on August 16, 2012
Find ancient artifacts in this puzzle game.

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