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New Mac Apps: Games - Page 15

Updates on May 29, 2013
Turn-based strategy game.
Updates on May 27, 2013
Help Princess Sophia fight evil in this puzzle game.
Updates on May 23, 2013
Tear down 150 castles across two ages.
Sudoku game with unlimited puzzles.
Updates on May 22, 2013
New take on the classic Asteroids game.
Addictive word game.
Updates on May 20, 2013
Vast and detailed 3D role-playing game.
Save yourself and humanity in this hidden object game.
Updates on May 16, 2013
Protect Buka in a colorful game of reflexes.
Word puzzles in multiple languages.
Updates on May 15, 2013
Simple image-editing tools.
Updates on May 14, 2013
Collection of hidden-object scenes.
Updates on May 13, 2013
Interactive storybook featuring a shy little hogbunny.
Updates on May 10, 2013
Epic real-time strategy game with two expansion packs included.
Updates on May 9, 2013
Retro-style platforming game.
Updates on May 8, 2013
Maintain and search a database of chess games.
Updates on May 6, 2013
Survive an exotic planet in this hidden-object game.
Save your newlywed husband in this hidden-object game.
Start a mini-family in this simulation game.
Fight demonic possession in this hidden-object game.
Updates on May 4, 2013
Save Atlantis in this innovative physics game.
Updates on May 3, 2013
Meme generator.
Bowling game with realistic pin physics.
Updates on May 1, 2013
Tetris-type game.
3D puzzle platform game.
Updates on April 28, 2013
Help dispel the dark force in this hidden object game.
Hidden puzzle game.
Use your wits to save your fiancée in this hidden object game.
Passage planning and navigation for leisure sailing.
Updates on April 26, 2013
Narrative puzzle game with over 20 hours of gameplay.
Updates on April 22, 2013
Uncover the truth about JFK in this hidden object game.
Updates on April 21, 2013
Track a criminal across time in this hidden object game.
Updates on April 19, 2013
Game designed to soothe your mind and train your brain.
Updates on April 14, 2013
Hidden object adventure game.
Updates on April 8, 2013
Be a leader of sheep in this puzzle-game.
Defeat evil forces in this card-and-board game.
Updates on April 7, 2013
Save the world from the mysterious force in this hidden object game.
Updates on April 6, 2013
World of Warcraft macro storage utility.
Updates on March 31, 2013
Test your knowledge of world flags.
Save Laura from her deepest fears in this breathtaking adventure game.
Uncover the evil legend in this mystery adventure game.
Updates on March 28, 2013
Play Cricket on your Mac.
Updates on March 26, 2013
Hidden object puzzle game.
Many variations of Solitaire.
Updates on March 24, 2013
Epic tower defense game.
Classic crossword puzzle game.
Updates on March 23, 2013
Open-Source game, first-person arena shooter.
Updates on March 19, 2013
Puzzle/adventure game set on a mysterious island.
Flick your player around to get the highest score in this game (beta).
Updates on March 18, 2013
Platforming action game.
Updates on March 14, 2013
Free-roaming racing game.
Updates on March 12, 2013
Fight in the Pacific theater in this war game.
Updates on March 11, 2013
Restore an ancient kingdom to life in this game.
Updates on March 5, 2013
Create complex HTML5 games.
Updates on March 3, 2013
Rescue your daughter in this hidden object game.
Updates on March 2, 2013
Guide Sophie through the colored rings in this arcade game.
Updates on February 28, 2013
SBS tool builds 3D building simulations.
Updates on February 27, 2013
Fast-paced, strategic puzzle game.
Updates on February 23, 2013
Classic Solitaire game.
Updates on February 21, 2013
Secret military operation game.
Updates on February 20, 2013
Time management and farming simulation game.
Updates on February 19, 2013
Widget-based Wikipedia browser.
Updates on February 18, 2013
Sleuthing game based on the popular television series.
Mansion-makeover game.
Updates on February 15, 2013
Action-packed space shooter.
Updates on February 14, 2013
Dirk Dashing is back for a brand new mission.
Updates on February 13, 2013
Two-player dice board game.
Updates on February 12, 2013
Downloadable content for Borderlands 2.
Downloadable content for Borderlands 2.
Updates on February 8, 2013
Side-scrolling action/adventure game.
Updates on February 6, 2013
Classic arcade game in HD.
Updates on February 4, 2013
Hidden object adventure game.
Play Pitty Pat online (beta).
Updates on February 1, 2013
Fast-paced arcade-style game.
Freem empire building game.
Updates on January 28, 2013
Get rid of your pucks before your opponent does.
Second installment in the Witcher series or RPG games.
Uncover the dark secret in this hidden object game.
Revitalize a forgotten street in this simulation game.
Updates on January 27, 2013
Save Martlet village in this hidden object game.

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