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New Mac Apps: Action - Page 8

Updates on August 11, 2010
Football action on the iPhone.
Updates on August 10, 2010
Pirate world filled with jungles, treasures, and wicked ghosts.
Fast-paced, retro-style action game.
Updates on August 4, 2010
High speed racing optimized for iPhone 4.
Updates on August 3, 2010
Sail between ports plundering treasure.
Updates on August 2, 2010
Chase a girl in an 18 wheeler; free for limited time.
Updates on August 1, 2010
Dodge, jump and fly over high speed traffic.
Updates on July 28, 2010
The ultimate slot car racing game.
Suit up and rocket into the action as Iron Man.
Suit up and rocket into action.
Updates on July 27, 2010
Simple spaceship action game.
Updates on July 26, 2010
Car racing action game.
Water racing with dynamic waves in 3 locations.
Multiplayer crossword game with literary-based computer opponents.
Wedding-themed iPhone game.
Updates on July 23, 2010
Decide what birds to grow, sell and breed.
Catapult to a passing truck in this physics-based game.
Create a mouth-watering sandwich.
The original game of strategic conquest.
Updates on July 22, 2010
Text-based fantasy adventure.
Kart racing with DreamWorks\' Shrek.
Single- and multi-player kart racing with Shrek.
World War II-themed action game.
Updates on July 21, 2010
Free 3D action game to promote the Disney Bolt movie.
3rd person action-adventure game.
Be your own skater.
Be your own skater; 99 cents for a limited time.
Action game featuring a rocket-pack-wearing hero.
Destroy the infected before the Apocalypse.
Battle eight robot masters in this action game.
Updates on July 20, 2010
Pilot the Millenium Falcon; now with more content.
Adrenaline rush 3D driving game.
Adrenaline rush 3D driving game.
Updates on July 19, 2010
Fast-paced platformer with online play.
Action game where you control locomotives around the U.S.
Updates on July 16, 2010
Fast-paced tower defense game.
Updates on July 14, 2010
Find the location of your car.
Draw and photograph your own iPhone game.
Updates on July 13, 2010
Defend a city from hoards of raging zombies.
Updates on July 11, 2010
Go head-to-head in multiplayer play against other snipers.
Updates on July 10, 2010
Rack as many balls on target as possible.
Non-stop action in a 3D virtual battlefield.
Non-stop action in a 3D virtual battlefield.
Rhythm fighting game with colorful 2D artwork.
Updates on July 9, 2010
Frantic shooter with multiplayer play.
Updates on July 8, 2010
Frantic shooter with over 50 planes to unlock.
Contra-inspired side-scrolling platformer (free today only).
Fast-paced castle defense game.
Action/puzzle game.
Swap adjacent Piyo blocks with speed.
Match three Piyo blocks with speed.
Sequel to the popular digging game.
Updates on July 7, 2010
Kick, spin, and bend the soccer ball.
Updates on July 6, 2010
Star Wars comes to the iPhone and iPod touch.
2D side-scroller with werewolf transformations.
Become the ultimate freekick superstar.
Retro accelerometer-controlled flying saucer game.
Stunning 3D action-adventure game.
Stunning 3D action-adventure game.
Updates on July 5, 2010
Tap along to some of the biggest bands in the world.
Racing game with 9 tracks.
Master missions now unlocked for free.
Updates on July 4, 2010
3D platform game with Rayman.
Find clues and discover the serial killer identity.
2D platformer adventure on iPad.
Updates on July 2, 2010
Real-time strategy game with multiplayer support.
Colossal full 3D odyssey.
Updates on July 1, 2010
Move up and down to keep your ball in the air.
The racing game that created a new genre.
Tap to your favorite beats on the iPad.
Explode zombies sneaking on to your soccer field.
Soccer themed third-person shooter.
Soccer themed third-person shooter.
Updates on June 30, 2010
Ninja-approved tennis game for iPad.
Direct planes as an air traffic controller (iPad only).
Updates on June 15, 2010
Over 100 games of solitaire.
Updates on May 27, 2010
Intense real-time first person shooter.
Updates on May 22, 2010
Cat-themed action game.
Updates on April 24, 2010
3D arcade style single player hover tank fighting game.
Take on the role of the Griffon in this fantasy battle game.

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