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New Mac Apps: Action - Page 7

Updates on November 24, 2010
Iro, the cute little ninja, is always running.
Fire dogs fresh from the sausage grinder.
Updates on November 22, 2010
Put together the perfect outfit for Cher.
Updates on November 21, 2010
Portable version of the arcade-style fighting game.
Manage a roadside diner at fast speeds.
Updates on November 20, 2010
Experience the first four years at Hogwarts.
Updates on November 20, 2010
Evolution-themed iPhone game.
Updates on November 19, 2010
Somebody stole Chad Ochocinco\'s pigeon.
Best played from a swiveling office chair.
Updates on November 17, 2010
Action game with simple controls.
Destruction physics simulator.
iPhone game to follow the upcoming 2010 Tron movie.
Planet-hopping adventure of cosmic proportions.
Survival shooter game (free for limited time).
Updates on November 15, 2010
Side-scrolling motocross game with realistic physics.
Updates on November 12, 2010
Action game set against the backdrop of Renaissance Italy.
Updates on November 11, 2010
Blast asteroids and suck up ore.
Fast-paced time management game with romance.
Updates on November 10, 2010
The classic first-person shooter.
Updates on November 9, 2010
2D shooter (free for limited time).
Brick-busting game. Free version available.
Updates on November 8, 2010
Fruit-slicing action game.
Cinematic action game.
The first 3D first person shooter game for iPhone/iPod touch.
Duel with friends or foes over Bluetooth or Wi-fi.
Updates on November 7, 2010
Triumph over evil in this iconic adventure game series.
Tap the undead to blast them with your trusty shotgun.
Control lions as they stalk their territory and ambush prey.
Arcade-style dungeon crawler.
Hunt zebras, warthogs, and gazelles on the iPad.
Simple action game.
Updates on November 5, 2010
Terrorize your followers with godly wonders.
Updates on November 4, 2010
Find out how alcohol influences driver reaction time.
Duel with your magic wand.
Updates on November 3, 2010
Go from restaurant cook to 5-star French chef.
Updates on November 2, 2010
Fast-paced time management game.
Updates on October 31, 2010
Duke Nukem on the iPad (free for Halloween).
Time management game where you sell flowers and fruit.
First-person shooter with a twist.
Updates on October 30, 2010
Beat the Bats and save the monsters in this action game.
Updates on October 28, 2010
Use an arsenal of plants to fend off zombies.
Updates on October 24, 2010
Defend your predator against berserker predators.
Rally car racing game with randomly generated levels.
Intense multiplayer first-person shooter (99 cents for limited time).
Intense motocross action.
Updates on October 21, 2010
Slash and dash action role-playing game.
Updates on October 20, 2010
Music-based racing game.
Updates on October 19, 2010
Time management game with lightning fast gameplay.
Updates on October 13, 2010
Sequel to Adult Swim\'s cult classic.
4th installment of the epic time management game.
Action game starring the lovable hero Barry Steakfries.
Updates on October 12, 2010
Retro-inspired 3D driving game.
Updates on October 11, 2010
First-person shooter with 12 battlefields.
Fast-paced 3D third-person action game.
Updates on September 27, 2010
Look before you leap.
Updates on September 23, 2010
Fast-paced, side-scrolling action game.
Updates on September 21, 2010
Arcade cinematic rail shooting series.
Action game based on the arcade shooter.
Gallop, leap and dash through the sky.
Updates on September 13, 2010
Guide boats safely to their docks.
Racing game for the iPhone.
Jump your dizzy frog from pad to spinning pad.
Tech demo of the upcoming game using Unreal Engine 3.
Play games from the classic 80s computer.
Updates on September 6, 2010
Futuristic third-person action game.
Updates on August 29, 2010
Puzzle platformer with side-scrolling acton.
Updates on August 27, 2010
Run as far as you can, as fast as you can.
Updates on August 26, 2010
Rescue swimmers before they become a shark meal.
Updates on August 25, 2010
Action RPG with hand-drawn graphics and speed-based gameplay.
Updates on August 24, 2010
Addictive game of kitchen mayhem.
Updates on August 21, 2010
A fun new game about American history.
Updates on August 19, 2010
Popular first-person shooter with online play.
Fast-paced air combat jet shooter.
2D side-scrolling fast-paced racing game.
Updates on August 17, 2010
Puzzle game starring Lara, a damsel in distress.
Updates on August 16, 2010
Fast paced ninja climbing game.
Updates on August 14, 2010
Drive, drift, jump, launch nitros and fly over your opponents.
Updates on August 13, 2010
Chain reaction game with beautiful graphics.
Updates on August 12, 2010
Labyrinth game on steroids.
World at war zombie slaying game.

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