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New Mac Apps: Action - Page 4

Updates on January 5, 2012
Intense action game with slow-motion stunts.
Hidden object puzzle adventure game.
Challenging puzzle game.
Create puzzles from customized images.
Updates on January 4, 2012
Solve puzzles and reveal hidden pictures.
Action game starring a blunderous power line technician.
Updates on January 4, 2012
Popular Italian card game.
Colorful, fast-paced memorization game.
Updates on January 3, 2012
Vertical scrolling action game.
Simulation game with comic-style graphics.
Updates on December 31, 2011
3D space combat game.
Updates on December 28, 2011
3D tank battle game.
Updates on December 27, 2011
Shoot to save a life.
Fly your chopper through dangerous terrain.
Jump over obstacles, continue to gallop.
Updates on December 21, 2011
Platform action game.
Extreme snowboarding game.
Updates on December 20, 2011
Action-platformer with fairytale characters.
Gather all seven parts of the Medallion and become the Bearer of the Secrets of the Ages.
Updates on December 18, 2011
Destroy the fireballs and discover the secrets of the dragon (free for limited time).
Updates on December 15, 2011
Extreme truck racing, showmanship and total destruction.
Crash, smash and trash your way through 16 levels.
Updates on December 10, 2011
Slot car racing simulator.
Updates on December 9, 2011
Prepare for a racing experience immersive and real.
Updates on December 8, 2011
Alien-themed action game.
Port of the game Doom.
Cooperative first person 3D-structure-building game.
Updates on December 6, 2011
Marble action-adventure game.
Updates on December 1, 2011
Old-school racing with modern graphics and multiplayer.
Updates on November 29, 2011
Physics-based platforming action game.
Updates on November 25, 2011
3D shoot and run game.
Updates on November 24, 2011
Japan-themed match-3 puzzle game.
Updates on November 22, 2011
Star Wars action game.
Updates on November 19, 2011
Downloadable content for Borderlands 2.
Downloadable content for Borderlands 2.
Updates on November 17, 2011
Action-RPG combat game.
3D street racer.
Updates on November 11, 2011
Line drawing game with an explosive twist.
Updates on November 10, 2011
Physics-based action platformer.
Updates on November 9, 2011
Control a chopper with your iOS device.
Demolition simulator in 3D with real physics.
Updates on November 5, 2011
Potato-themed action game.
Updates on October 29, 2011
3D ghost train game.
Updates on October 28, 2011
Action shooter for ages 4 and up.
Updates on October 27, 2011
Dinosaur-themed action game, now with real-time multiplayer.
Street bike racing with zombie slaughter.
Updates on October 26, 2011
Sci-fi survival shooter.
Updates on October 24, 2011
Guide the balls over the obstacles.
Extraordinary action game.
Outer space 3D action game.
Updates on October 23, 2011
Humorous adventure game packed with platform-jumping action.
Updates on October 22, 2011
Classic fantasy role-playing game.
Time-warping action game with puzzling-solving elements.
Action adventure game.
Free Lord British and save Britannia in a grim and intense mystery game.
Solve problems with a team of cyborgs in this action adventure game.
Updates on October 21, 2011
Retro-style racing game.
Tactical action game with modern naval warfare.
Updates on October 19, 2011
Action game set in space.
Space shooter with non-linear gameplay.
Updates on October 18, 2011
Manage your own harbour and rebuild the trading company.
Classic 2D platform action.
Updates on October 16, 2011
3D puzzle action game.
Updates on October 11, 2011
Shoot-em-up set in space.
Updates on October 9, 2011
Retro-styled action platformer (free for limited time).
Updates on October 7, 2011
Sniper Attack offers stimulating game play which w
Updates on October 5, 2011
Monitor your iiNet (Australian ISP) data usage.
Destroy the daemons and save all the souls.
Updates on September 28, 2011
Puzzle game with 148 levels.
Updates on September 25, 2011
Sail across 20 levels as a pirate.
Updates on September 19, 2011
Retro-styled action game.
Updates on September 16, 2011
Fast-paced, retro-style action game.
Updates on September 15, 2011
Collect the gems, rebuild the islands.
Updates on September 12, 2011
Treasure hunting puzzle game.
The king of off-road racing.
Updates on September 9, 2011
Top-down 2D car racing game.
Updates on September 1, 2011
Physics-based puzzle game with explosions.
Updates on August 31, 2011
Get behind the wheel of your dream car.
Updates on August 25, 2011
Overcome obstacles with Parkour moves.
Updates on August 24, 2011
Guide a rolling ball through 105 levels.

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