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Category: Drivers

Updates on July 31, 2006

Atheros WLAN USB Driver 4.5.70

Work-around WLAN to re-tool for older Macs.

Download Atheros WLAN USB Driver.Download

Updates on July 17, 2006

PCS Intel EV-DO Modem Script 1.0

Improves Sprint PCS Vision connection script.

Download PCS Intel EV-DO Modem Script.More Info

Updates on June 29, 2006

Apple iPod Updater 5.1

iPod update; obsolete with iTunes 7 and later.

Install Apple iPod Updater with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 26, 2006

gpsdX 1.4

Reproduce GPS data for an unlimited number of clients.

Download gpsdX.Download

Updates on June 15, 2006

Download Epson Stylus Photo 2200.Download

Updates on June 1, 2006

M-Audio USB MobilePre 1.8.1

Driver for the preamp and audio interface.

Download M-Audio USB MobilePre.Download


Updates on May 31, 2006

Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1

Wireless mouse drivers.

Download Kensington Wireless Desktop.Download

Kensington Keyboard 1.8r1

Wired multimedia keyboard driver.

Download Kensington Keyboard.Download

Kensington MouseWorks 3.0r1

Mouse and trackball drivers.

Install Kensington MouseWorks with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 26, 2006

MultiMedia Input Family 0.8.4

USB and PCI drivers for digital TV.

Download MultiMedia Input Family.Download

Updates on May 13, 2006

M-Audio MicroTrack 1.4

MicroTrack 24/96 driver.

Download M-Audio MicroTrack.Download

Updates on May 12, 2006

ODBC Router X 4.0.33

Gives access to SQL database systems with FileMaker Pro.

Download ODBC Router X.Download

Updates on April 9, 2006

ATTO Configuration Tool 3.05

Configure ExpressPCI cards.

Download ATTO Configuration Tool.Download

ATTO ExpressPCI 3.21

Ultra 3 SCSI card drivers.

Download ATTO ExpressPCI.Download

Updates on April 7, 2006

SonnetCache 1.4

Enables Sonnet L2/L3 cache processor upgrades.

Download SonnetCache.More Info

Updates on March 27, 2006

Wireless Driver 3.3

Driver for many wireless cards.

Download Wireless Driver.Download

Updates on March 25, 2006

M-Audio Keystation 49 3.2.2

Keystation audio drivers.

Download M-Audio Keystation 49.Download

Updates on March 21, 2006

M-Audio Transit USB 1.6.3

USB MIDI device driver.

Download M-Audio Transit USB.Download

M-Audio Black Box 1.6.4

Adds new Black Box effects.

Download M-Audio Black Box.Download

Updates on February 20, 2006

Brother CUPS Drivers 1.1

Printer drivers now 10.2.1 compatible.

Install Brother CUPS Drivers with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on February 6, 2006

Download HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c.Download

Updates on January 20, 2006

Woogle 1.6

Widget searches all of Google services.

Download Woogle.Download

Updates on January 17, 2006

DVD Player Patch 1.9

Modifies Apple DVD Player to honor user actions.

Download DVD Player Patch.Download

Updates on January 16, 2006

ATI Remote Wonder 2.0.1

Radio frequency ATI Remote driver.

Download ATI Remote Wonder.Download

Updates on January 7, 2006

HP Scanjet Photosmart 4070 8.4

Driver/software for the 4070 series.

Download HP Scanjet Photosmart 4070.Download

Updates on January 6, 2006

necflashX 1.51

GUI for necflash NEC DVDRW.

Download necflashX.Download

Updates on January 3, 2006

Apple AirPort Express 6.3

Firmware updater.

Download Apple AirPort Express.Download

Updates on December 27, 2005

Drivers for the Motorola L6 1.0

Send SMS via Address Book, and more.

Download Drivers for the Motorola L6.Download

Updates on December 16, 2005

ATI Displays Updater 4.5.7

Updates the ATI software.

Download ATI Displays Updater.Download

Updates on November 2, 2005

LaCie Biggest F800 Driver 1.40

LaCie hard drive firmware.

Download LaCie Biggest F800 Driver.Download

SE Car-100 Control 0.2.1

Drive a Sony-Ericsson Car-100 BlueTooth car.

Download SE Car-100 Control.Download

Updates on September 22, 2005

HP PSC 900 Driver 7.3.1

HP all-in-one 900 series driver.

Download HP PSC 900 Driver.Download

Updates on August 19, 2005

HP Photosmart 3.1

OS X printer drivers.

Download HP Photosmart.Download

Updates on August 12, 2005


Convert PDF docs/printouts to JPEG images for Sony PSP.

Download PDF2PSP.Download

Updates on July 28, 2005

TomTom GO 5.420

For the TomTom car navigation system.

Install TomTom GO with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on July 20, 2005

K750iGrabber 1.2

Prevent crashes when disconnecting SonyEricsson K750i from Mac.

Download K750iGrabber.Download

Updates on July 18, 2005

Bulldog Plus 3.0

Shutdown software for the Belkin UPS.

Download Bulldog Plus.Download

Updates on July 14, 2005

Apple AirPort 4.2

For all models of Apple AirPort base stations.

Download Apple AirPort.Download

Updates on June 24, 2005

GTDriver 0.9.3

Driver for Prism GT wireless network cards.

Download GTDriver.Download

Updates on June 3, 2005

WirelessDriver X 1.0b6

Driver for 3rd-party wireless cards.

Download WirelessDriver X.Download

Updates on May 25, 2005

M-Audio Revolution 7.1 1.4.1

Audio output support.

Download M-Audio Revolution 7.1.Download

M-Audio Duo USB 1.6

USB MIDI hardware drivers.

Download M-Audio Duo USB.Download

Updates on May 24, 2005

Apple Xserve RAID Driver 1.0.0

For Final Cut Pro users using an Xserve RAID.

Download Apple Xserve RAID Driver.Download

Updates on May 12, 2005

LaCie FireWire Silverlining Pro Updater 6.5.4

Updater for FireWire and USB drives.

Download LaCie FireWire Silverlining Pro Updater.Download

Updates on May 9, 2005

Plextor DVDR/RW Driver 1.10

PX-708A or PX-708UF driver.

Download Plextor DVDR/RW Driver.Download

Updates on March 18, 2005

Veta S40 1.4

Use Nokia 6230 to control your Mac.

Download Veta S40.Download

Updates on March 13, 2005

SimiliPod 1.4

iPod simulator.

Install SimiliPod with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 11, 2005

Macally USB Mouse/Trackball 5.1

USB mouse and trackball drivers for OS 9.

Download Macally USB Mouse/Trackball.Download

Updates on February 25, 2005

Macally iShock/iShock II 1.0.4

Fixes OS X 10.3.8 issues.

Download Macally iShock/iShock II.More Info

Updates on February 7, 2005

PowerKey Pro 4.3.1

PowerKey Pro 650 control panel.

Download PowerKey Pro.Download

Updates on February 1, 2005

DWL-122 Driver 1.4.7

D-Link USB wireless driver.

Install DWL-122 Driver with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 24, 2005

MouseCommand 11.0

DVForge (MacMice) mouse driver.

Download MouseCommand.Download

Updates on January 22, 2005

HP Photosmart 7150 Driver 2.5.6

OS X printer driver.

Download HP Photosmart 7150 Driver.Download

Updates on January 16, 2005

ATI RADEON Updater 01/05

Fixes OS X problems.

Download ATI RADEON Updater.Download

Updates on December 19, 2004

Ralink RT2500 Wireless Driver

PCI/MiniPCI/CardBus driver.

Download Ralink RT2500 Wireless Driver.Download

Updates on December 2, 2004

MacWireless USB Adapter A.2.3

Drivers for the USB Adapter.

Download MacWireless USB Adapter.Download

MacWireless USB Stick S.2.3

Drivers for the USB Stick.

Download MacWireless USB Stick.Download

Updates on November 22, 2004

PCx 1.1b

Windows emulator.

Download PCx.Download

Updates on November 10, 2004

Macally Firmware Update Utility 10.3-10.3.5

Correct mounting problem introduced in Mac OS X 10.3.6.

Download Macally Firmware Update Utility.Download

Updates on November 5, 2004

Install Keyspan Digital Media Remote with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 31, 2004

Epson Stylus Photo 1280 X 1.9aA

OSX compatible printer driver.

Download Epson Stylus Photo 1280 X.Download

Updates on October 21, 2004

ATI Radeon ROM Updater Oct2004

Updates ROM for retail ATI cards.

Download ATI Radeon ROM Updater.Download

Updates on October 8, 2004

ExpressPCI Configuration Tool X 2.70

ExpressPCI host adapter drivers.

Download ExpressPCI Configuration Tool X.Download

Updates on September 24, 2004

SQ905 3b5

For cheap cameras with the sq905 chip.

Download SQ905.Download

Updates on September 21, 2004

Fan 1.0

Control fan cards in PowerBooks.

Download Fan.Download

Updates on September 17, 2004

Delkin 32 CF Cardbus Adapter 1.0

32-bit PC card driver.

Download Delkin 32 CF Cardbus Adapter.Download

Updates on September 1, 2004

AirPort Card Update 2004-08-31

Improves reliability in mixed 802.11b/802.11g environs.

Download AirPort Card Update.Download

Updates on August 9, 2004

Salling's Remote Basics 1.0

Adds controller functions to Sony/Ericsson phones.

Download Salling's Remote Basics.Download

Updates on August 8, 2004

Epson Perfection Drivers X 2.32A

1670, 2400, 3170, 3200, and 4870 scanner drivers.

Download Epson Perfection Drivers X.Download

Updates on August 2, 2004

ciTV 1.3

Access individually recorded EyeTV files.

Download ciTV.Download

Updates on July 24, 2004

Download Kensington SlimType Keyboard.Download

Updates on June 30, 2004

Umax MagicScan Driver 5.1

Update your Umax scanner software.

Download Umax MagicScan Driver.Download

Updates on June 14, 2004

Nikon Scan 4.0.2

Legacy software for Nikon scanners.

Download Nikon Scan.Download

Updates on June 1, 2004

SANE scanner frontend 1.2b

SANE library UMAX scanner driver.

Download SANE scanner frontend.Download

Updates on May 3, 2004

IOXperts USB Still Camera Driver 1.0.3

Use this driver with iPhoto, and more.

Download IOXperts USB Still Camera Driver.Download

Updates on April 21, 2004

Apple FireWire Audio Driver Update 1.0.8

For FireWire audio devices with BeBoB.

Download Apple FireWire Audio Driver Update.Download

Updates on April 17, 2004

ATI Radeon 9800 Patch

OSX10.3.3 graphics card fix.

Download ATI Radeon 9800 Patch.Download

Updates on April 12, 2004

Asante FriendlyNET GigaNIX 1032TA 2.0.1

Gigabit Ethernet PCI adaptor driver.

Download Asante FriendlyNET GigaNIX 1032TA.Download

Updates on March 29, 2004

Epson 5700i Driver X 1.2Cs

OS X printer driver.

Download Epson 5700i Driver X.Download

Iomega NAS Updates 06/24/04

Network Attached Storage drivers.

Download Iomega NAS Updates.Download

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