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Updates on December 24, 1999
Fixes a startup problem in the version 3.4 drivers.
Updates on December 22, 1999
Coolpix 950 camera driver.
Updates on December 2, 1999
Update the drivers for all ATI products.
Updates on November 21, 1999
Adds MacOS 9 support to this ethernet card.
Updates on November 12, 1999
Get the latest driver for the OrangePCi card.
Updates on November 10, 1999
OS9 compatible driver for the EtheRx IC PCI Fast Ethernet card.

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Updates on October 28, 1999
Driver for the USB iMousePro or iBallPro.
Updates on August 16, 1999
Driver for Griffin gPort serial add-on for Blue & White G3s.
Updates on August 11, 1999
Download the latest 400/600 series router firmware.
Updates on August 9, 1999
Fixes a battery recharging problem on Bronze PowerBook G3s and iBooks.
Updates on July 1, 1999
Firmware for G3s with a single channel Ultra2 SCSI card.
Updates on April 2, 1999
Driver software for an Interex USB mouse, keyboard, or other input device.
Updates on February 10, 1999
Adds iPort compatibility with iMac computers.
Updates on January 21, 1999
Fixes a monitor sleeping problem with PowerBook G3 series Macs.
Updates on July 18, 1998
Update your Netopia Router firmware.
Updates on March 24, 1998
Update your ATI Xclaim VR video and sound card driver for complete compatibility.
Updates on January 9, 1998
Update your MicroSCSI Adapter driver.
Upgrade your Fast Ethernet PCI Driver.
Updates on December 16, 1997
Update your Xclaim 3D driver for maximum compatibility.

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