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New Mac Apps: Modems - Page 1

Updates on July 1, 2016
Maximize focus.
Updates on August 6, 2012
Drivers and software for Sierra and Novatel 3G modems.
Updates on June 6, 2008
Adds PIN support for the Merlin modem.
Updates on December 24, 2007
Novatel modem software enables GPS functionality.
Updates on October 23, 2006
Updates on July 17, 2006
Improves Sprint PCS Vision connection script.
Updates on February 12, 2004
Updates on October 17, 2000
Updates modem firmware for the iMac, PowerBook G3, and G4 series computers.
Updates on February 6, 1999
Update your PowerBook G3 built-in modem drivers.
Updates on June 24, 1998
Firmware for your Global Village TelePort K56flex modem.
Updates on January 24, 1998
Update the firmware version of your Zoom 56K modem.

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