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New Mac Apps: Html - Page 7

Updates on August 26, 2005
Shopping cart and online store solution.
Updates on July 12, 2005
Compresses HTML, JPEG, and GIF files.
Updates on July 8, 2005
Graphical Web application development tool.
Updates on June 27, 2005
Updates on June 23, 2005
See latest members.
BBEdit glossary of Modular Gateway Interface tags.
Updates on May 29, 2005
XHTML document validity checker.
Updates on May 26, 2005
Website editing software for GoLive CS2.
Updates on May 1, 2005
Blog app for .Mac homepage services.
Updates on April 24, 2005
Add QuickTime & RealPlayer content to your website.
Updates on April 15, 2005
Convert playlists into Web pages.
Updates on February 17, 2005
Create a dynamic website for photographers.
Updates on February 13, 2005
Replace multiple lines of text in multiple files.
Updates on January 30, 2005
Convert image into colored HTML table.
Updates on January 26, 2005
Point-and-click dynamic website builder.
Updates on November 23, 2004
Basic HTML editor.
Updates on November 8, 2004
Download and save webpages source.
Updates on September 9, 2004
Contains HTML & LaTeX syntax coloring/editing modes.
Updates on August 9, 2004
GUI for PyTextile python implementation.
Updates on July 14, 2004
Create webpage from folder of images.
Updates on July 13, 2004
Cleans out unused website files.
Updates on July 2, 2004
Convert HTML forms to PHP format.
Updates on May 17, 2004
Check for dead links on websites.
Check for dead links on websites.
Updates on April 16, 2004
Formats posts for Apple Discussion Boards, and more.
Create HTML table-of-contents and meta tags.
Create HTML table-of-contents and meta tags.
Updates on April 7, 2004
Create dynamic webpages.
Updates on March 29, 2004
Content management solution.
Updates on March 7, 2004
Visual PHP Web page builder.
Updates on March 1, 2004
HTML editor slightly better than SimpleText.
Updates on February 1, 2004
Webpage imagemap creation tool.
Updates on January 31, 2004
Reduce HTML pages download size (was HTML Squeezer).
BBEdit extension creates hex dump of selection.
Updates on January 27, 2004
BBEdit JSP language glossary.
BBEdit Apache Ant language glossary.
BBEdit XSLT language glossary.
Updates on January 22, 2004
Separates image into smaller sections for HTML table format.
Updates on January 10, 2004
BBEdit plug-in checks and corrects HTML and XML.
Updates on January 9, 2004
Processes SSI tags to produce static HTML files.
HTML and CSS validator.
Updates on January 4, 2004
RSS 2.0 syndication authoring tool.
Updates on January 1, 2004
Create image maps for Web pages.
Updates on December 29, 2003
Reference guild for NetCloak html-embedded code.
Updates on December 9, 2003
HTML editor w/Safari preview.
Updates on December 6, 2003
Helps find the perfect Web color.
Updates on December 2, 2003
GoLive extension for WebXACT quality testing.
Updates on December 1, 2003
Web content management solution.
Updates on November 29, 2003
Object-oriented framework for XML.
Updates on October 7, 2003
Streamline your HTML and website images.
Updates on September 30, 2003
Website image gallery creator.
Website image gallery creator.
Updates on September 26, 2003
HTML editor with colored syntax.
Updates on September 12, 2003
Create plug-ins for WebDesign app.
Updates on August 18, 2003
Correct HTML mistakes on the fly.
Updates on August 3, 2003
Create web-based image slideshows.
Updates on July 26, 2003
REALbasic plug-in for parsing XML code.
Updates on June 17, 2003
Convert a color to web-safe HTML value.
Updates on June 9, 2003
Web designer tool for varying monitor resolutions.
Updates on June 6, 2003
Edit HTML Web pages.
Updates on June 3, 2003
Displays smaller screen sizes on your desktop.
Updates on May 24, 2003
Edit HTML Web pages.
Updates on May 19, 2003
Build Web pages without any knowledge of HTML.
Updates on April 28, 2003
Quickly write PHP/MySQL commands.
Quickly write PHP/MySQL commands.
Updates on April 23, 2003
Find Web safe HTML colors with a color wheel.
Convert colors to websafe HEX values.
Updates on February 24, 2003
Open HTML files in browser of choice.
Updates on February 21, 2003
Analog widget desktop clock.
Updates on February 18, 2003
Display Safari icon on your site for Safari users.
Updates on February 14, 2003
Use PageSpinner to create Miva e-commerce stores.
Updates on January 31, 2003
Make dynamic PHP pages into static HTML pages.
Updates on January 27, 2003
Generate complex QuickTime HTML tags.
Updates on December 29, 2002
Multilingual WYSIWYG website editor.
Updates on December 13, 2002
XML editor.
Updates on December 12, 2002
Converts Apple Address Book entries into HTML format.
Updates on November 25, 2002
PHP tool converts styles to and from CSS/HTML.
Updates on November 9, 2002
Create interactive graphic objects for websites.
Updates on November 8, 2002
Create website navigation bars.
Updates on November 7, 2002
Covert colors to web-safe values.

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