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New Mac Apps: Developer Tools

Updates on February 19, 2018

Open Source universal database manager.

Updates on February 15, 2018

Better quality Web thumbnails quickly and easily.

Updates on February 9, 2018

Generate Objective-C source code to and from JSON.

Updates on February 8, 2018

Modern, native tool for relational databases.
Edit XLIFF files generated by Xcode.

Updates on February 7, 2018

.NET environment that enables you to work on projects and integrates debugging (beta).

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on February 7, 2018

Run Scheme code.
Access Gist code from the menu bar.

Updates on February 1, 2018

Open Source Web design and development.
Build complex and beautiful websites out of flat files.

Updates on January 30, 2018

Simple IDE for Clojure and ClojureScript.
A publishing platform for professional bloggers.

Updates on January 28, 2018

Extract content files from iOS applications to make icons.

Updates on January 25, 2018

Real-time Google Analytics in the menu bar.

Updates on January 24, 2018

A text transformation tool.

Updates on January 22, 2018

HTTP analyzer.

Updates on January 19, 2018

Integrated development environment (IDE) for R.

Updates on January 18, 2018

App-development utilities.
Compose e-mails and documents from text blocks (beta).
GUI for the 'cat' command-line tool.
Clipboard manager for programmers.
Powerful serial terminal for makers and sysadmins.

Updates on January 17, 2018

Easy-to-use snippets management tool.

Updates on January 16, 2018

Creates HTML photo galleries with just a few clicks.
Automate drag-and-drop with Python.

Updates on January 15, 2018

Visual merge tool.

Updates on January 11, 2018

Display output of system commands on the Desktop.

Updates on January 8, 2018

A sophisticated software modeler.

Updates on January 4, 2018

Provide access to EC2 and RDS instances in AWS.
Flat-file database system.

Updates on January 3, 2018

UML 2 tool box and modeler.

Updates on January 2, 2018

Professional text and hex editing.

Updates on December 28, 2017

Create Web banner placeholders.

Updates on December 21, 2017

Hue-based color picker (was ColorPlan).

Updates on December 19, 2017

Create custom disk images.

Updates on December 18, 2017

Check the availability of top-level domain names.
Compress CSS to reduce file size.
TortoiseSVN-like client, implemented as a Finder extension.

Updates on December 17, 2017

Quickly compress your JavaScript code (beta).
Git features via contextual menu.

Updates on December 15, 2017

Create magical AR experiences.

Updates on December 14, 2017

Easy hash generator.

Updates on December 12, 2017

Modern database solution.

Updates on December 8, 2017

Manage Subversion copies and repositories.

Updates on December 5, 2017

Resize icons.

Updates on December 1, 2017

Make your iOS apps look exactly like the expected design.

Updates on November 29, 2017

Icon generator (was App Icon Maker).
Run terminal commands from the menu bar.

Updates on November 21, 2017

Project manager for Docker.
Validate credit-card numbers.

Updates on November 17, 2017

Xcode localization made easy.

Updates on November 11, 2017

Quickly run and test your Swift scripts.
Objective-C-to-Swift converter--as you type.

Updates on November 9, 2017

Get InfusionSoft CRM data in

Updates on November 4, 2017

Inspect Xcode projects for bugs and other issues.
Generate icon and launchimage assets for Xcode.

Updates on November 3, 2017

Xcode extension that makes writing web code easier.

Updates on October 30, 2017

Open-Source Markdown editor.

Updates on October 29, 2017

Reverse engineer your spritesheets.

Updates on October 28, 2017

Database management app (was SQLite Professional Read-Only).

Updates on October 27, 2017

Advanced SQL editor.

Updates on October 26, 2017

TortoiseHg-like Hg (Mercurial) client, implemented as a Finder extension.
Easy NoSQL database setup.

Updates on October 25, 2017

Collaborative wireframing for app development.

Updates on October 23, 2017

Test and troubleshoot websites in various browsers and mobile devices.

Updates on October 22, 2017

Manage your Homebrew formulas (beta).

Updates on October 21, 2017

Easy app localization.

Updates on October 19, 2017

Editor for string-table files.

Updates on October 16, 2017

Create mockups of IOS applications.
Reach your iTC sales reports (beta).

Updates on October 6, 2017

Create icons from images.

Updates on October 5, 2017

Design fluid web sites.

Updates on October 4, 2017

Graphical tool for working with git repositories (beta).

Updates on October 3, 2017

Explore Quartz event taps.

Updates on September 30, 2017

Process your Xcode image assets.

Updates on September 29, 2017

App Store and Mac App Store analysis.

Updates on September 27, 2017

Single interface for common relational databases.

Updates on September 23, 2017

Create your App Store screenshots.

Updates on September 21, 2017

Reformat JSON files.

Updates on September 20, 2017

Database tuning (was MySQL and MariaDB Optiimizer).

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