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Category: Business : Project Management

Updates on January 23, 2017

Moxtra 3.5.0

Collaborative communication tool for teams.

Install Moxtra with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 14, 2017

Roadmap Planner 2.3

Strategic communication tool.

Download Roadmap Planner.Download

Updates on January 12, 2017

Chimpanzee 13.0.5

Film production project manager.

Download Chimpanzee.Download

StakePoint Projects 1.31

Visualise maintain and analyse your projects.

Download StakePoint Projects.Download

Updates on January 11, 2017

Billing Timer 1.10

Insanely simple stopwatch timer on your menu bar.

Download Billing Timer.More Info

Updates on January 4, 2017

Merlin Server 4.1.1

Server for the Merlin Project project-management tool (beta).

Install Merlin Server with MacUpdate Desktop.Install


Updates on January 4, 2017

Project Planner 2.1.1

Easily keep track of multiple projects and tasks.

Download Project Planner.More Info

Updates on January 1, 2017

MindLayout 1.4.1

Mind mapping.

Download MindLayout.Download

Seavus Project Viewer 3.2

Complete viewer for Microsoft Project files.

Download Seavus Project Viewer.More Info

Updates on December 30, 2016

GanttProject 2.8.1

Plan projects using Gantt charts.

Install GanttProject with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 23, 2016

Taskfabric 4.1.0

Task and project manager with mind maps and to-do lists for teams.

Install Taskfabric with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 20, 2016

OmniPlan 3.6.2

Robust project management software.

Install OmniPlan with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

OmniPlan Pro 3.6.2

Professional-grade project management.

Install OmniPlan Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

iTaskX 3.2.1

Microsoft Project-compatible project-management solution.

Install iTaskX with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 13, 2016

SpinOffice CRM 6.6

Customers, mail, calendar, and tasks in one central database.

Install SpinOffice CRM with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

MarkieMark 1.0.1

Communicate ideas using arrows and text tools.

Install MarkieMark with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 6, 2016

inShort 1.4.7

Build and monitor diagrams of processes.

Download inShort.More Info

Updates on December 5, 2016

Project Planning Pro 2.7.5

Manage a project efficiently.

Download Project Planning Pro.More Info

Updates on December 4, 2016

CocoaCRM 1.90

Standalone desktop Customer Relationship Management client.

Download CocoaCRM.More Info

Updates on December 2, 2016

Nano Enterprise 5.5

Manage a small business enterprise.

Download Nano Enterprise.More Info

Updates on November 26, 2016

TaskTime4 5.2.8

Track time spent on client projects.

Install TaskTime4 with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on November 21, 2016

QuickPlan 1.5.3

Project management, plan and schedule on gantt chart.

Install QuickPlan with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on November 16, 2016

Barcody 3.10

Barcode generator with LinkBack support.

Install Barcody with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on November 10, 2016

Tasky 1.0.2

Task management tool for organizing your daily tasks.

Download Tasky.Download

Updates on November 8, 2016

Zoom 3.6.10826.1101

Cloud video conferencing solution for meetings.

Install Zoom with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 7, 2016


Flexible time tracking for projects.

Install Timings with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 13, 2016

Bubble Chart Pro 7

Visualize and analyze your business data.

Download Bubble Chart Pro.Download

Updates on September 3, 2016

To Writer Pro 1.2.2

Text editor stressing convenience.

Download To Writer Pro.More Info

Updates on August 31, 2016

Time Check Pro Alt 2.6.0

Keep track of time spent on multiple projects.

Install Time Check Pro Alt with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 9, 2016

Notion 0.1.6

A unified workspace for modern teams.

Install Notion with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 2, 2016

Product Manager 2.1.1

Manage, market your company products.

Install Product Manager with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 29, 2016

Phoenix Project Manager

Project scheduling suite for project managers.

Install Phoenix Project Manager with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 23, 2016

RationalPlan Project Viewer 4.13.0

Project management software viewer.

Install RationalPlan Project Viewer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 20, 2016

Barcode UV 7.17

Easily and simply creates custom, beautiful barcodes.

Install Barcode UV with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 10, 2016

Basecamp 3 1.0.2

Organized, centralized project management.

Install Basecamp 3 with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 10, 2015

PlanDoCheckAdjust 1.2

Help teams manage activities.

Download PlanDoCheckAdjust.More Info

Updates on November 27, 2015

Time Logger 1.0.2

Advanced time logging and project management.

Download Time Logger.More Info

Updates on November 18, 2015

onCourse 8.0.2

Comprehensive enrollment and marketing system.

Download onCourse.Download

Updates on November 10, 2015

Meeting2Cal 1.2.1

Integrate Doodle meeting organizer with MacOS Calendar.

Download Meeting2Cal.More Info

Updates on September 8, 2015

Simple Writer 1.3

Word processor for Microsoft Word and other formats (was Quick Word Writer).

Download Simple Writer.Download

Updates on July 9, 2015

Studio Manager 14

FileMaker Pro based graphic design business tool.

Download Studio Manager.Download

Updates on June 8, 2015

Conjure 4.6

Virtual sketchbook and more.

Install Conjure with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 26, 2015

RationalPlan Single Project 4.11.10

Powerful, affordable project-management software.

Install RationalPlan Single Project with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 26, 2015

Org Chart Designer 2.70

Create organization charts.

Download Org Chart Designer.More Info

Updates on April 20, 2015

RationalPlan Multi Project 4.11.2

Powerful project management software.

Install RationalPlan Multi Project with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 13, 2015

BookedServer 0.9.7

Backend for your synchronized collaborative work environment (beta).

Install BookedServer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on February 18, 2015

Azor 13.7

Manage all your projects, processes, and customers in a single solution.

Download Azor.Download

Updates on February 6, 2015

Only Password 1.1

Password manager.

Download Only Password.More Info

Updates on January 29, 2015

Password Manager Pro 1.0.1

Store passwords and other information for every site.

Download Password Manager Pro.More Info

Updates on January 15, 2015

Hall 1.1.13

Real-time communication solution for businesses and teams.

Download Hall.Download

Updates on December 12, 2014

MOOS Project Viewer 3.1.3

Microsoft Project viewer.

Install MOOS Project Viewer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 3, 2014

ConceptDraw Project 7. 0. 0. 300

Project management solution; part of ConceptDraw Office.

Download ConceptDraw Project.Download

Updates on October 27, 2014

Paste To File 1.0

Paste the contents of the clipboard to a file.

Download Paste To File.More Info

Updates on October 25, 2014

Mind Map Pro 1.1.1

Mind mapping and brainstorming tool.

Download Mind Map Pro.More Info

Updates on October 15, 2014

Signer for PDF 1.0

Easily sign PDF documents.

Download Signer for PDF.More Info

Updates on July 23, 2014

xPlan Lite 3.6

Simplified and cheaper version of xPlan.

Download xPlan Lite.More Info

Updates on July 11, 2014

Site Journal 2015

Document construction site inspections.

Install Site Journal with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 22, 2014

Accountability 1

Project time-tracker.

Download Accountability.Download

Updates on May 1, 2014

AppViz 3.1.1

Sales analysis for Mac and iPhone application designers.

Install AppViz with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 29, 2014

Flow 3.0.12

Elegant and efficient project management tool.

Install Flow with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 15, 2014

Active Timer 2.0

Track time spent using each application.

Download Active Timer.More Info

Updates on March 30, 2014

TodoPlus 2.52

Free task management.

Install TodoPlus with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 19, 2014

Steelray Project Viewer

View, print, and export Microsoft Project files.

Install Steelray Project Viewer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on February 5, 2014

Form Pilot 3.2

Form-filler software.

Install Form Pilot with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 4, 2014

Majic 1.0.4

Get only what you need from JIRA.

Install Majic with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 2, 2014

Eggscellent 1.0.1

Turn a to-do list into timed activities.

Download Eggscellent.More Info

Updates on December 25, 2013

Plan It 1.4.3

Simple project management.

Install Plan It with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 6, 2013

Solved 1.0

Creative problem solving.

Download Solved.Download

Updates on November 6, 2013

FastTrack Schedule 10.0.5

Project management software.

Install FastTrack Schedule with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 18, 2013

vBook 3.0.0

Management software for visual artists.

Download vBook.Download

Updates on September 1, 2013

DAIR 1.3.4

Efficient risk management utility.

Download DAIR.Download

Updates on June 3, 2013

Time Doctor Tasks 1.4.44

Real-time tracking of employee tasks.

Download Time Doctor Tasks.Download

Updates on April 22, 2013

Meetings 1.2

Organizer for meetings.

Download Meetings.Download

Updates on March 13, 2013

Kickoff 2.0

Collaboration tool designed for small groups.

Download Kickoff.More Info

Updates on February 21, 2013

Barcody Express 1.03

Create and export barcodes.

Install Barcody Express with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on February 5, 2013

teamfocus 1.0

Task management system.

Download teamfocus.Download

Updates on December 7, 2012

Araxis Ketura 2012.1772

Different approach to project management and bug tracking.

Download Araxis Ketura.Download

Updates on October 5, 2012

CadeEncomenda 1.3

Brazilian mail order tracking.

Download CadeEncomenda.More Info

Updates on August 10, 2012

BitNami Open Atrium Stack 1.5-0

Quickly and easily run Open Atrium.

Download BitNami Open Atrium Stack.Download

Updates on July 8, 2012

Pacific Timesheet 8.00

Web-based timesheet and time tracking software.

Download Pacific Timesheet.Download

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