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Updates on October 29, 2016

Pester 1.1b22

Simple alarm clock and timer (beta).

Install Pester with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 28, 2016

CorelCAD 2017.0.0.1310

Reasonably-priced CAD solution.

Download CorelCAD.Download

TikiToki Desktop 1.5

Timeline maker software.

Install TikiToki Desktop with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 26, 2016

Studiometry 13.0.2

Keep track of every aspect of your clients, projects, and invoices.

Install Studiometry with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

TaskInsight 3.8.1

Task management with speech commands and AppleScript support.

Download TaskInsight.More Info

Updates on October 24, 2016

Silent Sniper

Auction sniping tool.

Install Silent Sniper with MacUpdate Desktop.Install


Updates on October 24, 2016

Navicat Data Modeler 2.1.12

Database design tool.

Install Navicat Data Modeler with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 22, 2016

BatchOutput DOC 2.4.7

Automate printing and PDF production from Word.

Download BatchOutput DOC.Download

Updates on October 19, 2016

BookletCreator 2.0.1

Create booklets from PDFs.

Install BookletCreator with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Home Business Card 1.5.2

Business card designer.

Install Home Business Card with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

WatermarkPDF 1.4

Batch-apply advanced visual features to PDFs.

Install WatermarkPDF with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 18, 2016

OmniOutliner Pro 4.6.1

Pro version of the popular outliner (beta).

Install OmniOutliner Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 16, 2016

Imposition Studio 5.1.0

Create an impositioned PDF file.

Install Imposition Studio with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 13, 2016

OpenOffice 4.1.3

Free and open-source office suite.

Install OpenOffice with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 12, 2016

12C Financial Calculator 2.41

Powerful emulator of HP 12C RPN financial calculator.

Download 12C Financial Calculator.More Info

Tadam 2.0.1

Simple Pomodoro timer.

Download Tadam.More Info

Updates on October 11, 2016

Work Tracker 1.3.0

Time-tracking, task documentation, and network connectivity.

Download Work Tracker.More Info

Updates on October 6, 2016

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0

UPS shipping tool.

Download NRGship UPS Pro.Download

Updates on October 5, 2016

Mermoz 1.12.1

Flight planning application for private pilots.

Download Mermoz.Download

Updates on October 4, 2016

VMT 1.38

Collect, track, report, and forecast vehicle maintenance.

Install VMT with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 2, 2016

PropertyMaintenanceTracker 1.12

Collect, track, report, and forecast property maintenance.

Install PropertyMaintenanceTracker with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on October 1, 2016

PDF Attributes 1.3.2

Powerful utility for editing PDF attributes.

Download PDF Attributes.Download

Updates on September 28, 2016

PerfectTablePlan 5.2.4

Create a seating plan for your wedding, party, or event.

Install PerfectTablePlan with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 26, 2016

MDB ACCDB Viewer 2.2.6

View and export Microsoft Access databases.

Install MDB ACCDB Viewer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 25, 2016

JPG to PDF 4.2

Batch export images and PDF docs to PDF format.

Install JPG to PDF with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 24, 2016

DAQ Plot 12.6.1

Plots electrical signals and controls devices.

Download DAQ Plot.More Info

Updates on September 20, 2016

FoxTrot Search Server 5.7

Enhances your file sharing or file server.

Install FoxTrot Search Server with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

PhoneDirector 1.8.1

Phonebook, SMS, and calendar for Nokia series 40 phones.

Download PhoneDirector.More Info

Aeon Timeline 2.1.3

Timeline tool stimulates creative thinking.

Install Aeon Timeline with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 19, 2016

Express Scribe 5.88

Assists transcription of audio recordings.

Install Express Scribe with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

BibDesk 1.6.7

Bibliographic reference manager.

Install BibDesk with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 15, 2016

Billings Pro 1.7.7

Multi-use time tracking and invoicing solution.

Download Billings Pro.Download

MindView 6.0.5

Professional mind mapping and project management.

Install MindView with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Light Blue 6.1.3

Flexible photo studio management system.

Download Light Blue.Download

Updates on September 14, 2016

logSheet 2.7.18

Client-side solution to bill clients for printing.

Install logSheet with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on September 6, 2016

Arch 1.9.2

Open source extension of Apache Nutch.

Download Arch.Download

Updates on September 3, 2016

Timeline 3D 5.1.2

Create eye-catching timelines.

Download Timeline 3D.Download

Updates on September 2, 2016

Quick Pallet Maker 4.8.4

Calculates optimal box/pallet shipping dimensions.

Install Quick Pallet Maker with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 31, 2016

Time Check Pro 2.6.1

Keep track of time spent on multiple projects.

Install Time Check Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 16, 2016

xPlan 3.8.7

Track your projects.

Download xPlan.More Info

Updates on August 14, 2016

JAC Digital 3.2.1

One or more resizable digital clocks showing the time in different locations.

Download JAC Digital.More Info

Updates on August 12, 2016

FileMaker Pro 14.0.6

Powerful, easy-to-use database; Server version available.

Download FileMaker Pro.Download

FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.6

Advanced version of powerful, easy-to-use database.

Download FileMaker Pro Advanced.Download

Updates on August 9, 2016

To Text Converter 1.3.1

Convert numerous file types to plain text (.txt).

Install To Text Converter with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 5, 2016

Invoices 3.1

Manage/print business invoices.

Install Invoices with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 4, 2016

Dragon Responsive Email Designer 2.10

Create emails with responsive design.

Download Dragon Responsive Email Designer.More Info

Updates on August 3, 2016

Drilling Hydraulics 5.0

Productivity tool helpful in drilling of oil wells.

Download Drilling Hydraulics.More Info

Precise Screenshot 1.4.3

Advanced screenshot utility.

Download Precise Screenshot.More Info

Updates on August 2, 2016

Virtual TimeClock Pro Client 16.1.4

Network client for tracking employee time clocks.

Install Virtual TimeClock Pro Client with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Virtual TimeClock Pro 16.1.4

Clock employees in and out.

Install Virtual TimeClock Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Virtual TimeClock Basic 16.1.4

Track up to 3 employees.

Install Virtual TimeClock Basic with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on July 27, 2016

Papyrus Author 8.07

Word processor with integrated speadsheet and more.

Install Papyrus Author with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on July 25, 2016

Osmond PCB 1.1.31

Design printed-circuit boards.

Install Osmond PCB with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on July 21, 2016

Q2ID 3.01

Plugin converts QuarkXPress documents in Adobe InDesign.

Download Q2ID.More Info

Updates on July 14, 2016

xDiagram 3.1

Diagramming utility.

Download xDiagram.More Info

Updates on June 29, 2016

String Replacer 1.3.1

Replace a list of strings inside files or folders.

Download String Replacer.More Info

Updates on June 25, 2016

MDB Explorer 2.4.4

View MDB files without an Access license.

Install MDB Explorer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 18, 2016

iSchedule 1.1.4

Create time schedules.

Download iSchedule.More Info

Updates on June 14, 2016

Waste Management Treatment 1.0

Easy calculation of waste-management functions.

Download Waste Management Treatment.More Info

Updates on May 31, 2016

Thunderplot 1.14

Generate plots from text-based data.

Install Thunderplot with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 28, 2016

Phoenix Slides 1.4.2

Image browsing/slideshow application.

Install Phoenix Slides with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 20, 2016

Incubator 3.5.5

Visually-based outlining and brainstorming environment.

Install Incubator with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 19, 2016

PDF Studio 10.4.1

Utility for working with PDF documents.

Install PDF Studio with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Business Card Composer 5.2.3

Create and print business cards.

Install Business Card Composer with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 16, 2016

Labels & Addresses 1.7.3

Powerful label and envelope printing tool.

Install Labels & Addresses with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Neat 4.5.0

Digital filing system for receipts, business cards, and documents.

Install Neat with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 12, 2016

FileMaker Server 14.0.4b

Database server; Advanced version also available.

Download FileMaker Server.Download

Updates on May 8, 2016

Car Maintenance 1.8.22

Keep track of all of your car maintenance services.

Install Car Maintenance with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 5, 2016

Data Extractor 1.4.2

Parses and extracts data from files.

Install Data Extractor with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 29, 2016

Express Invoice 4.53

Manage client accounts, create invoices and apply payments.

Install Express Invoice with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 28, 2016

Minvoice 2.160425

Invoicing with emphasis on ease of data entry.

Download Minvoice.Download

Updates on April 25, 2016

Geo WPS 1.1.1

Track your geographic position using OS X wi-fi (formerly Mac WPS).

Download Geo WPS.More Info

Updates on April 17, 2016

Checkout 4.1.2

Powerful, easy-to-use point-of-sale system.

Install Checkout with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 15, 2016

Date Time Calc 2.1

Calculate future, past dates and date differences.

Download Date Time Calc.More Info

Updates on April 12, 2016

TextBatchConv 1.3.6

Batch re-encoder for text files and find/replace text.

Install TextBatchConv with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

NbreConvert 1.3.8

Convert a number from any base. Express a number in words.

Install NbreConvert with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 7, 2016

URL Extractor 4.5

Batch process files, extract URLs.

Install URL Extractor with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 6, 2016


Easy time and expense tracking.

Install OfficeTime with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 23, 2016

Barcode Generator 6.0323

Easy barcode and QR code generator.

Install Barcode Generator with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on March 22, 2016

Tiler 3.5.1

Scale, print PDF files on multiple pages to create banners, posters.

Download Tiler.More Info

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