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New Mac Apps: Business - Page 1

Manage/print business invoices.
Cloud video conferencing solution for meetings.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Free accounting software for small business.
Create, edit, view and share you documents.
Create, edit, view and share you spreadsheets.
Updates on July 17, 2019
A unified workspace for modern teams.
Dynamic business organization tool kit.
Parses and extracts data from files.
Tool for tracking and managing your assets.
Automate printing and PDF production from Word.
Automatically sync any number of folders.
Maintain a record of your personal finance.
Improve your website ranking.
Updates on July 16, 2019
Digital documents manager.
Merge, resize, extract, and convert PDF and TIFF documents.
Creation of any kind of charts, graphs and diagrams.
Minimalist text editor.
High Trust Messaging for the Enterprise.
Compress PDF documents to reduce their file size.
Structure your thoughts in a simple designed way.
Updates on July 15, 2019
Store notes, web links, and documents in one place.
Cloud-based CRM application.
Manage, market your company products.
Store and organize your important documents.
Complete business management solution.
Receive orders and book rooms in hotels.
Updates on July 14, 2019
Clipboard manager.
Note manager with Markdown formatting and sync via an ownCloud server.
HAM radio logging, QSL handling and printing tool.
Updates on July 13, 2019
Arrange and sell products and services.
Updates on July 12, 2019
Capture, annotate, organize, and share media (was Voila).
Powerful document review tool for litigation support.
Create datasets for database testing and demos.
Powerful, accurate OCR software.
To-do task organizer.
Contact management for business.
Grammar checker.
Manage your contacts.
Simple invoice software for Italian users.
Manage a small business enterprise.
Prompter for video, television, presentations and speeches.
Updates on July 11, 2019
Project management software (was Merlin).
Financial management and accounting for small businesses.
Find French postal information.
Convert CSV or Excel to OFX.
Server for the Merlin Project project-management tool.
Project management app.
Design forms and enter data (Beta).
Updates on July 10, 2019
GTD task manager with iOS companion app.
Organize all your information and data.
Edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline.
A PDF editing tool with annotations.
Smart notepad with a built-in calculator.
Editor for CSV and TSV data files.
File context menu text search.
To-Do List Manager.
Updates on July 9, 2019
Advanced PDF toolkit for HTML conversion and more.
Edit and annotate PDFs with ease.
Double-entry accounting application.
Search through your PDF documents lightening fast.
Create emails with responsive design (was Dragon Responsive Email Designer).
Personal task manager.
Updates on July 8, 2019
Assists transcription of audio recordings.
Plain text note taking.
User-friendly PDF reader, annotator and form filler.
Prepare postal mailing lists.
Feature-rich task management software.
Updates on July 7, 2019
Small-business accounting.
Small-business accounting software.
Updates on July 6, 2019
Manage freelance projects and tasks, track time, generate estimates.
Updates on July 5, 2019
A cross-platform and multi-functional mind mapping software.
A powerful project management tool with an easy-to-use interface.
Data visualization software for planning and decision making.
Pro photography presentation and sales package.
Contacts and management tool.
Updates on July 4, 2019
Free, open-source office suite.
Mac-tailored, OpenOffice-based productivity suite.
View PDF documents.

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