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d-Studio, Ltd. is well-established IT Company that specializes in the offshore outsourcing services. We offer assistance in developing software projects: planning and managing a project, finding experts according to the project’s requirements, creating professional team for accomplishing the project.

Our main reason for creating the d-Studio, Ltd. company was to collect a group of experts who has similar ideas, plans for future and a great desire to do what they like and can – software development. At the moment, we can proudly state that we have succeeded with fulfilling this task.

We managed to bring together experienced professionals in different fields of the IT industry. Our core team includes professional managers, software developers, technical writers, designers, and etc. Most of members of our team have significant experience (over 10 years) in developing software products.

The company is basically specialized on developing software products for the Mac OS X, iOS platforms and cross-platform development. We have a significant experience in Darwin, Mac OS X, iOS, porting from Windows to Mac OS X. However, we have experienced professionals ready to develop software products for Windows as well.

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