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WhizBits — that is essentially Lothar Baum and Thorsten Kramp. We are Mac enthusiasts who love to develop software as a hobby. We share a passion for design, simplicity, and functionality, and we try to live and show this passion in the software we create.

We use our software ourselves; in fact, we create our software for ourselves in the first place. We think this is the best way to care for the best possible user experience. However, we know we don't always succeed in living up to our own standards. We have other, "normal" day-time jobs, so time is limited and compromises are inenvitable at some points. But we care about our software, and we care about you (our user)! And we are committed to continuously refining and improving what we create. So if you have suggestions, are annoyed by something, or have questions — please let us know!

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