website membership features are included for free with MacUpdate Desktop.

Website Watch Lists
MacUpdate Desktop watch lists auto-sync with website watch lists for remote access. Then manually add new titles from the pages of
Email Update Notifications
Instant email notifications in your inbox when software titles you like get updated. Add individual titles or get notified by apps tagged with keywords of your choice.
Hide Banner Ads
Turn off paid advertisements on the website. Snappy loading pages with clean content make your day more efficient.
Daily Newsletter
Subscribe to the daily emails that highlight all of the new software titles being released for your Mac each day.
Download History
View your complete history of downloaded apps.
Customizable Layout
Choose the rows of information you want to show by default and then display that information in three different layout designs of your choice.
Member Profile Page
Build community by uploading your member icon or photo, and access all of your past reviews with smiley face voting by other encouraging members.