What's New?
Q: What's new since MacUpdate Desktop 4?
A: Simply put, everything! MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 is a completely new application, created from the ground-up to leverage many of the newest Mac OS X technologies, including Spotlight, Core Data, Webkit, Keychain, Growl, and many other systems. The goal and focus of MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 has also shifted since we released version 4 to make updating your Mac easier and faster. We are committed to the future of MacUpdate Desktop, and welcome your feedback - please email .

Q: Where can I find out more?
A: MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 features a built-in Help system available from the Help menu. If you have additional questions about MacUpdate Desktop or your membership, please email us - .

Q: Is there a trial version?
A: Yes! All members, new and old, can activate a 10-day trial to MacUpdate Desktop the first time they launch the application. You are allowed one 10-day trial each year.

Q: I'm already signed up as a Premium Member - can I use MacUpdate Desktop?
A: Yes! MacUpdate Premium Members accounts have now been converted to MacUpdate Desktop accounts. Your membership will still expire when it normally would have.

Updating your software
Q: Why do I need MacUpdate Desktop? I already use the Mac App Store and Apple's Software Update.
A: MacUpdate Desktop will find and install updates for all of your software, not just Apple applications. Apple's Software Update will only update your Mac OS and Apple's own apps (iTunes, iLife, iWork, etc.), while MacUpdate Desktop will update over 30,000 applications created by thousands of different software developers and companies.

Q: I already use another application to update my applications, why should I use this?
A: MacUpdate Desktop is smarter, faster, and easier to use than the competition. It matches applications better, finds more available updates, and will install them with one click. Only MacUpdate Desktop leverages MacUpdate's long history and expertise as the industry leader in Mac software releases.

Q: What applications will MacUpdate Desktop scan for updates?
A: MacUpdate Desktop will scan your hard drive for all applications, widgets, plug-ins, screen savers, and preference panes in their default locations. You may also optionally set an additional folder to scan in the preferences.

Q: I have an application that I don't want to update, can I skip checking it for updates?
A: Yes! If you have an older application that you know you won't be updating anytime soon and want MacUpdate Desktop to stop reminding you, just select the application and choose "Don't check for updates" from the Updates menu or the contextual menu (right-click the item).

Q: Can I just download the updates, or do I have to install them?
A: It's up to you! You can configure MacUpdate Desktop accordingly in the Preferences. Additionally, you may choose to have MacUpdate Desktop archive the old version of an app before updating it.

Q: What version of Mac OS X do I need to use MacUpdate Desktop 5.0?
A: MacUpdate Desktop requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and works well on 10.7 and 10.8. You can run the older 5.0.12 version on Mac OS X 10.5/PPC.

Q: Will MacUpdate Desktop check for updates in the background even if the application is not running?
A: Yes! By default, MacUpdate Desktop will notify you of new updates weekly. You can change this in the preferences to notify you hourly or daily, or not at all.

Q: I have applications installed that aren't listed on MacUpdate.com, what should I do?
A: If the application in question is a stand-alone one (i.e. it has its own download or installer, or is not just part of another application), please select the application and choose "Submit to MacUpdate" from the Updates menu (or contextual menu). We will then post it to macupdate.com and start tracking it in MacUpdate Desktop if it meets our standards and guidelines.

Q: MacUpdate Desktop is reporting the wrong version, what should I do?
A: Sometimes developers forget to configure their application to display the correct version information, resulting in a "bad match". You can send us a "bad match report" from the Updates menu (or contextual menu), and we will work to resolve the issue with the developer.

Q: MacUpdate Desktop does not find any applications to update - what's wrong?
A: Please make sure that you have Spotlight enabled on your Mac. You may also need to repair your permissions using Disk Utility.

Q: How many Macs can I use MacUpdate Desktop on?
A: You may use MacUpdate Desktop on up to five (5) Macs you own. If you need to support more systems, please contact .

Q: How can I have MacUpdate Desktop use PathFinder instead of the Finder for the "Reveal in Finder" menu option?
A:On the command line, enter: defaults write com.macupdate.desktop5 NSFileViewer -string com.cocoatech.PathFinder and then re-start MacUpdate Desktop. "Reveal in Finder" will open the app in PathFinder once you do this.

Watch Lists
Q: How do I add software to my Watch Lists?
A: You may add an application to your Watch Lists in several different ways - in MacUpdate Desktop you simply drag-and-drop the application from any listing into the Watch List folder. On macupdate.com you may add an app to your Watch List from the link on the information page or from your