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MacUpdate Desktop 5

Keep your Mac's software updated and secure
like never before. Easy and automatic updating
of over 40,000 Mac apps.

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Smart scanning

Outdated applications, widgets, screen savers & preferece panes appear in red.

Watch how MacUpdate Desktop 5 smartly scans your computer for more than just software and apps, it also scans for outdated widgets, screen savers and preference panes.

One-click updating

Easily download and install a single update or all of them at once.

Watch how to update all with one click inside MacUpdate Desktop 5

Update verification

One glance shows you which updates were downloaded and installed successfully.

Watch how MacUpdate Desktop 5 shows you on one screen all updates and verification of install.

Watch Lists

Group your apps and sync them to your Watch Lists automatically.

Watch how to group all your apps and sync them with your MacUpdate watch list inside MacUpdate Desktop 5.

Full size screen shot of MacUpdate Desktop 5

Unprecedented Matching

MacUpdate Desktop combines the latest
Mac OS X technologies with MacUpdate's
exhaustive app database to deliver the
most comprehensive updating tool of its kind.

This is the easiest way to keep all your Mac
software up-to-date!
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