The New Year Bundle

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Start the New Year with everything you need for success!

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Home Inventory

Start the year making a list of all the stuff in your life with Home Inventory so you can prioritize, organize, and maybe even purge! It is also useful for making sure you are adequately insured. Use the free helper app on your iPhone or iPad to easily add photos to your cataloged items, and use the built-in barcode scanner to add books, CDs, DVDs, and more. The New York Times calls it “quick and easy to use” and our users have given it great reviews for years.

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You can easily and safely archive and encrypt your sensitive files and still keep them organized and accessible. SimpleumSafe makes its own file system and finder that allows you to preview and edit secure files while keeping them encrypted the entire time. All files are stored locally using AES-256 encryption and can be managed without any technical knowledge using the easy drag-and-drop interface.

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MoneyWiz can simplify your financial life by keeping all your accounts, budgets, and bills in one place. Set up a variety of accounts: credit card, checking, savings, loan, cash, or investment. Set a budget and MoneyWiz will track your transactions and keep you on your targets. All of this and more can be organized in a customizable dashboard in the app to get a quick glimpse of your overall financial picture.

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File Cabinet Pro

File Cabinet Pro is a Finder for your menu bar. Open this file cabinet with a shortcut or click on the menu bar and it will be where you expect it and exactly how you left it. You will be able to open, move, rename, copy, compress, or trash files and even get a quick glimpse of PDFs, images, videos and audio with built-in preview capabilities. If you ever get tired of having to click around to get a Finder window you want, then this app will immediately be your new favorite.

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USB Network Gate

Access or share USB devices over the internet with USB Network Gate. A perfect solution for connecting to an office printer or accessing a software dongle from home. If you travel and want to sync your data with your home computer then you can just plug it in and sync via the local network to the remote machine. No expert skills or knowledge required to set this up, but you’ll feel like a networking pro when you use it!

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Command-Tab Plus

Using your keyboard to navigate your desktop is one of the best ways to save time when working with multiple app windows. Command-Tab Plus will super-charge your app switcher, making it easier to switch between different windows of the same program, hide hidden programs from the switcher, and even give you number shortcuts to get to any app in the switcher with fewer keystrokes. Customize the appearance and the shortcuts to get the most out of this alternative app switcher.