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Keep It

“I LOVE using tags on my notes. I attend a lot of meetings at work and being able to tag meeting notes so that I can view them by department all at once makes my life very easy. No more "Where exactly did I put that note from that meeting again?" moments, which I really am happy about. The developer is active and keeps making improvements to the app, you can't go wrong with this one!”  – Jlock, MacUpdate Editor

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“Every time I apply it to my project, Vitamin-R makes it accomplishable in the defined time period.”  – korkiew

Vitamin-R creates the optimal conditions for your brain to work at its best. It assists you in structuring your work into short bursts of distraction-free, focused activity with opportunities for renewal, reflection and intuition.

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A Better Finder Rename

A Better Finder Rename has every possible renaming feature you could imagine. Automate renaming with options covering existing text, characters, position, conversion and truncation features, and even combine a group of rules into one single, repeatable operation. No frills or unnecessary features, just the power to handle any batch renaming task you could possibly throw at it.

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MYStuff Pro

MYStuff Pro is a quick way create detail-rich inventories for your home or small business. Catalog anything and keep it up to date in an intuitive interface that would be familiar to any Apple user. Organize your things by dragging and dropping existing information, uploading new images, or scanning barcodes with a handheld scanner. Keep manuals, receipts, vendor info at your fingertips.

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Switchem will automate your workflow preparations. As you get started with any task you will want a particular group of applications in a predefined spot on your desktop. During the day you get shifted around with a variety of activities, and Switchem will help you move between your groups of tools, the same way, every time, day after day.

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CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup is for automating data backup to Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. You can take advantage of these secure and reliable cloud storage systems with this convenient tool that allows you to set it and forget it. Be confident that your data is safe and sound without much to do with CloudBerry Backup.