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TextExpander: Life Hacker Plan icon

TextExpander: Life Hacker Plan

“This is a great app! I have saved countless keystrokes using this app”  – kscmint

TextExpander saves you time from typing the same email, chunks of code, directions, or any common text response. Save snippets as a keyboard shortcut you create. For example: store your email address as ‘memail’ and when you type that on any of your devices you can watch your shortcut expand into the full text.

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Pagico screenshot
Pagico icon


“Carefully thought out, easy to use, and useful for small and large tasks. Outstanding customer support and response. Worth the investment.”  – Larry-R

With Pagico you will have one place to manage your projects and relevant files. Stop digging around for the data you need to get your work done. You can keep it all on your Mac, or sync projects with other devices, or your colleagues. Stay organized and on top of your tasks with Pagico.

Mosaic Pro icon

Mosaic Pro

“Mosaic is the most complete application amongst many others that puts order to your windows in an intuitive way”  – Fariborz

Mosaic Pro makes shifting windows as easy as a keyboard shortcut or drag-and-drop. Use the many preset or save your current window configuration so you can have the perfect workspace without manually resizing. An organized desktop is your key for being ready for whatever work or school is throwing at you.

Mosaic Pro screenshot
Qbserve screenshot
Qbserve icon


“A good way to track your habits and to show the hard reality of how you have been spending time in front of your computer.”  – joilsonmarques

Qbserve is designed for freelancers who need to track time on a project. However, we have enjoyed the insight it gives us about our daily usage habits. You can quickly set what "productive", "neutral", and "distracting" time looks like, and set rules to track time spent on specific files or websites. pro icon pro pro is a flagship DJ app for professionals or hobbyists. Grab tracks from your library, auto-sync beats for seamless transitions, create loops on-the-fly, make mixes or mashups, or use it to host a karaoke party! Master its multitude of features and you will find yourself ready to debut at the club with this professional piece of software. pro screenshot
Cocktail icon


“One of the oldest, most popular, and most reliable utility apps for Mac. Easy to understand interface. Highly recommended.”  – Fishboy

Cocktail will help you clean, repair and optimize your Mac with confidence. Its simple interface gives you complete control over settings that will improve your system’s performance. Set “Pilot” mode and you can press a button and relax, and you can schedule regular maintenance that will keep you running at peak efficiency.

Windscribe icon


“A first-rate VPN!”  – TCalhau

Windscribe is a reliable VPN with zero logging or tracking. Their servers get high ratings for reliability, privacy, and speed. Secure public WiFi, get around blackout restrictions for streaming, and enjoy complete anonymity by hiding your IP while you surf. Features unlimited usage for 6-months from date of activation.

Soulver icon


“Been using this a 2-3 times a month for two years. Replaces simple spreadsheet calculations, and it is a joy to use. Bulletproof.”  – Funjoy

Soulver helps you do quick calculations or long-running numerical problems in a step-by-step layout. Type out your problems as you would on paper and the answers will be displayed for easy reading and review of each step. Save your work to share with colleagues that can review your thought process, or go back to change the original numbers and watch all your calculations get redone in a snap.

BookMacster icon


“For me it has been seamless and invisible in syncing my bookmarks between multiple browsers and is among the first few applications that are a must-install for me in a new setup.”  – Wile-E-

BookMacster is your last stop for getting your bookmarks on all your devices and all major browsers. Organize with tags or hierarchy, and take advantage of helpful sorting options. Part of the magic in BookMacster is that it will verify your bookmarks and fix redirects and duplicates when things change unexpectedly. Import your current bookmarks to BookMacster and never worry about them again.

Super Eraser Pro icon

Super Eraser Pro

Super Eraser Pro is a powerful image processing app for removing unwanted objects. It magically removes elements such as watermarks, date-stamps, people, buildings, etc., without changing important visual content. It also helps improve photo quality with denoising and removal of haze from images. You will need no previous editing experience to get the results you want.

Chatology icon


Chatology will help you quickly find messages in Messages or iChat. You can focus your search on specific date ranges, isolate links and images, and find any message in seconds! A useful tool for weeding out messages you don’t want or finding that missing message that you need.