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Instagram - One of the most popular social networking services. Whoever thought a time would come when somebody’s holiday snaps or home videos could be the watched by anyone with an internet connection. The trending pictures, videos or status updates have captured the devotion of millions who faithfully engage with this media platform every day.

Instagram has only been in existence for eight years but in this short space of time has reached a billion users, validating its adoration. Instagram can be used on all devices, be it iPhone, iPad or Mac. Instagram intentionally doesn’t use any desktop or web versions to support its mobile platform, leading to certain issues for professionals or normal Instagram lovers who prefer to use bigger screens to upload, edit or share photos/videos. This article provides answers on how you can get past this hurdle and put content on Instagram from your Mac.

Best Ways To Post Content To Instagram on a Mac

There are several ways to upload content to Instagram on a Mac. Step by step guidelines are outlined below:

Posting content through browsers

Posting on Instagram via browsers can be done by changing the user agents. This enables you to upload to Instagram via tricky configurations on your Mac. This approach is one of easiest and fastest, though it might seem complicated at first. Follow these guidelines:

  • Open your web browser


  • Open the Instagram website and log in to your account

  • Go to the Develop menu

  • Scroll down to User Agent and select a device from the list.

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  • Click Upload and that’s it - you will gain access to your files.


  • Open the Instagram website and log in to your account

  • Select View, scroll down to Developer and select Developer Tools

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  • Select the Toggle device toolbar icon ( or use the shortcut - Ctrl+Shift+M).
  • Select a mobile model from the Responsive menu.

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  • Click on the Upload button down below and you’ll be able to upload videos or photos of your choice.

Changing the User Agent affects the data sent to the web from your browser and what Instagram receives. The setbacks here are that the photos or videos can only be posted in portrait and not landscape (as this gets cropped). Moreover, the advanced editing options (including filter ranges) are not accessible either.

Editing photos before uploading to Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app

  • Enter your login details

  • Click on the Upload button (the plus sign below the page)

  • Select a photo of your choice

  • Select Next to begin editing your photo

  • Choose from the range of filters (Lark, Moon, Reyes and many more)

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  • Adjust the Lux by clicking the sun icon above

  • Make use of the simple editing tools (Brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and many more)

  • Upload your photos to Instagram when you are done with the editing.

Note that when uploading multiple photos, make sure to edit them individually because when you edit the photos as a group it applies to each individual one.

Posting content through third-party apps

Instagram is largely a mobile-based app that lets you like, upload, share, comment on photos and videos on your mobile but when it comes to desktop or laptops, it’s completely different with certain notable features not present.

The creation of third-party apps has helped to ease out the feature restrictions for you to browse, like, share, comment and upload to Instagram from your Mac. There are several apps that help in this light.  Flume, Uplet, and Deskgram are the most notable apps for your Mac.

Flume is one of the most popular apps that gives you the opportunity to do this in a stylish manner - recent notifications, top pictures and interesting recommendations based on your posts are revealed on your Mac. Instagram direct, sharing photos or uploading videos are all available.  You will just need to download and purchase the license to use all of its features.

Uplet is more of a media uploader (photos and videos can be uploaded and edited to your taste). It interestingly backs the use of multiple accounts but doesn’t yet feature the multi-photo post option. All you need to do is to download and purchase from the App Store to use all its features.

Deskgram is an extension that helps you post to Instagram. You can upload photos and videos, scroll through posts, like and comment as well. You will need to get the in-app purchase to get full access after downloading it. This app gives you all the features to edit and customize photos or videos your way.

Posting videos to Instagram from Mac

Posting videos on Instagram from your Mac can be done by making use of any of the three methods above. Uploading video content to Instagram involves the following steps:

  • Select the camera icon on the top left corner

  • Select the video you want to post and a review of the video appears

  • Edit the video to your taste

  • Click Share to add to your profile once you are done with the editing

Posting content through Emulators

Emulators enable your Mac to be recognized by Instagram as another device. Look at it this way, a son imitating his father’s voice on the phone to gain access to the benefits associated with a club membership, the membership recognizes the son as his father and grants him access. Emulators are like the voice in this analogy granting you access to Instagram.

The most well-known emulator that cuts to the chase, granting direct access to Instagram from your Mac is Bluestacks. It is an Android emulator that works on Mac. What you need to do is:-

  • Ensure you have a Google account to gain access to its services.

  • Download Bluestacks

  • Install it on your Mac

  • Log in using your Google account

  • Open the Play Store, search and download Instagram

  • Log in with your Instagram account and you will see an Android view.

Bluestacks grants you access to Instagram normally - upload photos/videos, like comments and so on. You might need to familiarise yourself with this new environment especially if you haven’t used an Android device before.

Sharing videos or photos on Instagram from your Mac is simple when using any one of these methods. None of them are perfect but you can pick the method that is best tailored to your needs. So, which one do you prefer?

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