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With so much content on the internet these days, you’re likely constantly coming across interesting stuff to read. The problem is that you often don’t have enough time to read every article you find! “Read it later” services take care of this by allowing you to save articles that you don’t have time to read immediately, giving you the ability to easily find and read them when you do have a few spare moments on your hands.

Pocket for Mac

Pocket is a “read it later” service that lets you save articles and videos to read or watch later. Pocket offers both a browser extension and a mobile app to make sure you’re able to access saved articles even while you’re on the go. To keep things simple, this article will focus on the browser extension.

First, we need to install Pocket into our browser which we can do by clicking one of the links below.
To get started, install Pocket into your browser. It’s available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Once you’ve got the browser extension installed, you’ll notice that a Pocket icon has been added to your browser. Here’s what it looks like in Chrome – it might look slightly different depending on which browser you’ve chosen to use.

Let’s say you find an article or webpage that you’d really like to read, but you just don’t have time at the moment. Let’s say you’re really into electric skateboards and are looking at the Boosted Boards website. You’ve just noticed that they recently released some new longboards – but you’re at work and don’t have time to read all about this right now! This is where Pocket comes in. Just click the “Pocket” icon – this is where the magic starts. As soon as you click the button, it’ll turn red. This means you’ve successfully saved the page for later!

Later, when you’ve got time to check things out in detail, you can find the saved page by right-clicking on the Pocket icon in your browser and choosing “Open your pocket list”. From there, you just need to click on one of your saved articles to start reading it. As an added bonus, Pocket lets you read articles without any ads or other formatting to interrupt the reading experience.

Alternatives for Pocket on Mac

Just like one size doesn’t fit all, one “read it later” app isn’t for everyone. Here are a couple of alternative options to compare to Pocket:

Instapaper lets you save pages to read later, offline. It has a newspaper-like feel to it, with a clean and easy-to-use interface. It also lets you add your own notes to saved pages. Instapaper was recently acquired by Pinterest, which means that its previously premium-only features are now available for free. Instapaper is definitely worth checking out!

Diigo allows you to bookmark and annotate web pages. It includes an extension for Chrome and also has a mobile app that syncs everything together. One of Diigo’s best features is the ability to immediately open a page in a new window with just the article text (distraction-free!) – from there, you can edit it and save it to your Diigo account. This is super-convenient for students, or anyone else who would benefit from the ability to mark-up and then save web pages. is an all-in-one bookmark manager. It has extensions for every browser and also lets you download the app onto your Mac and mobile phone.’s interface is very clean and has a materialistic look to it that makes it feel new and intuitive.


The “read it later” services included in this article all have stand-out features that make them attractive options. Some allow you to annotate pages before saving, some have desktop and mobile apps, and some are just straight-up simple, giving you what you need and nothing else. You’ll find that these services can help simplify your life, and can also let you finally get around to all those articles that you haven’t previously had time to read!

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