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Use Font Book

The fonts available on your Mac are managed by the pre-installed app, Font Book. Would you like to add fonts to Photoshop? Did you discover an interesting font that you want to include in your PowerPoint presentation? You will find hundreds of fonts already installed on your Mac, but you will hopefully find it is easy to download fonts from outside sources and then use them in any of your Mac apps.

Fonts can be found from a number of sites as an individual download or as part of a collection of fonts. The font file formats that will be compatible for the Mac are .ttf or .otf for an individual font, or .ttc or .otc for a collection. There are a number of download sites that are less than trustworthy, but we can recommend for safe downloadable fonts, most of which are free. Once downloaded, there are just a few easy steps to install the fonts so that they can instantly be used by all of the apps on your Mac.

Font Book is the most reliable way to add fonts to Word on Mac, Adobe apps, or anything on your Mac that can create text. Locate the downloaded font file and double-click to open the file. This will automatically launch Font Book and show the specific font. This window (see image below) will show an option to “Install Font”. That’s all you need to do. Now you can use this font in any app.

How to remove fonts on Mac?

There are two primary ways to remove fonts from your machine. Font Book is the easiest way. Simply control-click or right-click with a two-button mouse on any font listed in Font Book. You will then see a menu with options to “Remove” or “Disable” the font. Removing the font will delete the font file from your system. Disabling the font will mark the font as “Off” in your font book. This is useful if you would like to limit the number of fonts that are visible in your apps, but perhaps you may want to easily make it available again at some point.

Alternatively, you can find the font files in your font library and move them to the trash. To do this, go to your Finder and select the “Go” menu item at the top of your screen. When viewing this menu you will need to hold the Option key (⌥) and then the “Library” option will be revealed. Go to your Library and find the “Fonts” folder. This will show all of the fonts that are currently installed on your Mac. If you move any of these items to the Trash then they will no longer be available in your apps. If you would like to manually install fonts then you can simply drag and drop any font files into this folder.

Fonts on a Mac are exceptionally easy to manage thanks to Font Book and relatively universal font file formats. Don’t restrict yourself to the just the defaults, but don’t go too crazy with the possibilities that other fonts provide. There is indeed a reason that certain fonts have become the defaults because they are easy to read and have become familiar to most users.

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