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VLC Media Player for Mac

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What is VLC Media Player for Mac?

Just like a document can come in different formats for different programs, videos come in a variety of formats. For Macs one format may be preferred, Windows has its own special type of video file, and DVDs are kind of a mystery. VLC Media Player (also known as just “VLC”) is the one application that can play them all. Yes, thanks to the open-source VideoLan Project, there is one free, open-source app available for any device that can play any video or audio file.

Most media is consumed over the air, by cable, or via internet streaming services like Netflix. VLC is typically used for playing videos that have been saved as local files. However, you can also use it to play DVDs on your Mac or even streams from YouTube. Most people will eventually need VLC Media Player for the occasional video that is sent via email or downloaded as a file in an unfamiliar format.

Is VLC Media Player for Mac safe?

There is a good chance you have seen the well-known orange cone icon on someone’s device. This is likely because the iconic VLC Media Player has been around as a working application for over 30 years. It is now managed by the non-profit VideoLan Organization, and it is completely safe to use on your Mac as long as you are getting it from a reputable source. We recommend installing the VLC app for Mac via MacUpdate Desktop which will retrieve the app for you directly from the official VideoLAN Organization.

How do you use VLC on Mac?

After VLC is installed with MacUpdate Desktop and opened, you will see an option to simply drag-and-drop any media into the “Playlist”. If you have any audio or video file on your machine you can just drag it into the section with the big down arrow and it will start playing. The other best way to start your media is to use the “File” menu option. Here you will see selections like “Open File...”, “Open Disc…”, and “Open Capture Device…” for viewing a webcam.

What kind of files can VLC Media Player play?

The reason VLC is so long-lasting is that the developers are dedicated to making sure it can play any type of media. VLC media player can play AVI files, one of the oldest file formats still around today. If you have found an MKV file then you likely have a large file with chapters and possibly subtitles and such. Can VLC play MKV? Yes!

Does VLC for Mac play WMV files?

Windows Media Video (WMV) files have long been a troublesome video format, especially for Mac users. The VLC app for Mac has long been the cure for this ailment. If anyone has shared a video in the WMV format then you will want VLC Media Player. It is strongly recommend that you set VLC as the default app for WMV files the first time you encounter a file of this format.

How can I make VLC my default player?

When you have VLC, you can tell your computer to always use VLC to play specific kinds of video or audio files. To do this you will need to locate one of the files you want to be played with VLC in Finder. When you have selected the file you can hold the ⌘ and i keys, or click on the file with two fingers on your trackpad and choose “Get info”. In the window that pops up (see image) you will find a section titled “Open with:” where you can click on the current default (1). This will drop down a menu and if VLC is installed then you can select it (2) as the new default app for this kind of file. Be sure to select the “Change All…” button to finalize this process (not pictured).

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