1.3 25 Feb 2004

Developer tool helps localize your app.


Developer website: Julien Dufour

Mushroom is an easy to use developer tool dedicated to the management of the localized strings. More than a simple editor, it is a fully featured solution which assists you to create and maintain the localized strings of your project and to keep them synchronized with the source code. Mushroom can make you save a considerable amount of time. Working with localized strings will never hurt anymore.

What's New

Version 1.3:
  • Added the NIB Helper utility to process the NIB files.


  • Added support for Xcode's projects.
  • Added support for specifying the text encoding of the string dictionary files.
  • Added support for specifying the format of the string dictionary files.
  • When opening or refreshing a project whose data cannot be found, a new location is now queried.
  • The CVS and .svn dictionaries are now preserved when saving Mushroom's projects.
  • Added a notification when some string dictionary files could not be read during project opening or refreshing.
  • The supported languages are not reset anymore when refreshing a project.
  • Opening an already opened document does not reload it anymore.


  • Mushroom can now display the key or any localization in the project window.
  • Text edited localized string is now correctly updated (no more visual or selection glitches).
  • The pending edition is now correctly validated when toggling the Ignore external languages setting.
  • When reassigning a localized string, added an option to merge into or overwrite the destination.
  • When reassigning a localized string, the display settings are now ignored to display the localized strings.


  • Significantly improved the performances of the exporting and importing operations.
  • Revamped the export dialog.
  • Added support for selecting the targets to export.
  • The unused localized strings which have no localizations left after importing are now deleted.
  • Importing an opened project now uses the opened document instead of reading it from the disk.
  • Fixed several harmless bugs when importing.

Project inspector

  • Revamped the project inspector.
  • Added some information about the inspected project.


  • The temporary source analysis directories are now always cleaned up.
  • When opening or refreshing a project, the unused localized strings with no localizations for the reference languages are correctly hidden when the external languages are ignored.
  • When setting a localization for a reference language, the unused localized strings are correctly made visible when the external languages are ignored.


  • Added support for sorting direction in the various tables.
  • The minimal size of the various split views are now constrained to prevent visual glitches.
  • The No warning icons looks nice under Panther in the display inspector and the legend panel.


  • The legend panel is now showed if needed when creating a new project.
  • Added a dialog pointing at the user documentation when choosing Mushroom Help.
  • Improved a lot of code.
  • Various small bug fixes and other improvements.


Mac OS X 10.2 or later, Developer Tools installed.


Current Version (1.x)


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25 Feb 2004
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