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IntelliMerge SQL X1.1

12 February 2003

MySQL/OpenBase email listserve solution.


IntelliMerge SQL is an electronic messaging solution that by using any standard MySQL or OpenBase server as a data source, can create, preview, deploy, and report on dynamically created e-mail campaigns in a single, integrated software solution. Features include:
  • Integrated campaign/message editor with plain text, styled text, html, and text/html combination messaging. Using the editor, users can build messages that are customized to each target recipient using any field available in their selected data source.
  • Instant Preview feature allows users to see the text, html, and source of a message before mailing, using original data from their database.
  • Built-in MySQL and OpenBase database support (no additional drivers or libraries required). IntelliMerge SQL works directly with the database server on a record-by-record basis to offer live previews, quickly generated messages, and instant recipient status updates.
  • Query filtering using IntelliMerge SQL's visual Query Builder, or optionally enter custom SQL commands for advanced record selection, multiple table joins, on-the-fly field modification, and other special options.
  • Support for file attachments, embedded multimedia files, and dynamically generated message headers.
  • IntelliMergeStatus recipient information field, automatically reported back to the original data source to indicate recipient mailing status, address validity, bounce notification, and/or specific campaign exclusion.
  • Integrated SMTP and direct mailing system with multiple connection support, connection backup capabilities, record-based error reporting, cancellation recovery, SMTP Authentication support, and automatic timeouts. IntelliMerge SQL can easily handle single campaigns from 10 to 1 million recipients, and more.
  • and more...

What's new in IntelliMerge SQL X

Version 1.0 (1.0.1):

  • Automatic Duplicate Skipping. For databases with multiple e-mail address matches in a single table (such as, for example, our transaction-based order database), IntelliMerge SQL can keep a local cache of which e-mail addresses have already received a specific message, and optionally skip over duplicates within a scope of a single campaign.
  • IntelliMergeStatus Code Conversion in the SQL Console:
  • Database operations in IntelliMerge SQL work in both directions. Customer information is downloaded from the database, and an IntelliMergeStatus integer field is updated in exchange. This new addition to the SQL Console allows the software to automatically convert this number to its text equivalent.
  • IntelliMerge's other included SQL Tools include an automatic POP3 bounce checker, tab-delimited text import program, MySQL database administration system, and an embedded SQL command console.
  • Improved Bounce Checker -- scans for bounced messages in your POP3 mailbox faster, and correctly matches several kinds of bounces it wasn't catching before.
  • Improved result graphing capabilities.
  • Faster styled text to HTML conversion (for the Styled Text message type).
  • Simultaneous campaign licensing restrictions removed.

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App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
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