Flatten OSX Headers
Flatten OSX Headers


Flatten OSX Headers free download for Mac

Flatten OSX Headers

29 May 2003

Provides framework header files for developers.


Developers know how to weak link to the systemFramework of Mac OS X, while the header files in the various frameworks provide the prototypes of the functions available. CodeWarrior does not provide precompiled headers for CFM-based targets, only MACHO-based targets on OS X.

Flatten OS X Headers provides a flattened version of the many framework header files, and does some other interesting things.

The flattened headers can be used in CW 4, 5, 6,7, 8, and be precompiled. The advantage then is that one can access any function, use any type, without worrying that it may not be defined. Obviously, the tool does not make the function pointers to call into the systemframework, but having these precompiled headers in a CFM-based target, makes the CarbonLib obsolete, and allows for the most updated "libs" available.

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