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X11 IRC chat client.   Free
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XChat is a GTK+ based IRC client for the X11 windowing system (X-Windows). This software requires a full X11 windowing environment, such as XDarwin, in order to operate.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, X11 Windowing Environment (XDarwin), GLIB/GTK+ libraries.

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ver. 1.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 28 Jan 2005
It sure sounds amazing but it requires the X11 window manager to install. Personally, I am not going to install a whole other window manager just for an IRC client.
[Version 1.8.10]

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Anonymous commented on 01 Mar 2005
It requires X11 because it's a port of the Linux IRC client of the same name, which uses X11. There is a project working on porting XChat to native OSX code:


But I don't know how reliable that client is.
Anonymous commented on 20 Apr 2005
That client is slow but has some nice GUI tidbits. I don't know why its a big deal to go to Apple's web site and download X11 for free and install it... its not like you don't get to use the finder anymore, it just a second interface for 'nix apps that you may come accross. Its fairly common now with GIMP and BRL-CAD you can get your money's worth

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Aug 2004
i have have been on a search for a good IRC program for a long time now, and XChat is truly the greatest one that i have came across. Its easy to instal, use and set up. There is not one thing that I do not like about this program. I used to use ircle. I had to deal with so many problems with that program. XChat is like euphoria. And it handles all sorts of crazy colors that irc servers use very well.
[Version 1.8.10]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Jan 2004
Thanks for putting together these packages!
I love the client xchat from my linux days and got an fserve for it as a perl script, the client works fairly well except for the "recoil" from lag that makes it hard to talk sometimes.

Anyway i would love to see the program be able to fully access perl scripts as with linux, and also i cant get it to set jpg's as backgrounds, its stuck with black, keeps asking for root access? irc in root is suicide =P
Its still better than being forced to pay for irc and not have a decent fserve script included *coughs at ircle*
[Version 1.8.10]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Aug 2003
Amazing IRC client. The best one and free.
[Version 1.8.10]

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Version Downloads:4,136
Type:Internet : Chat
Date:04 Nov 2002
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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XChat is a GTK+ based IRC client for the X11 windowing system (X-Windows). This software requires a full X11 windowing environment, such as XDarwin, in order to operate.

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