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20 April 2004

Use remotely mounted images for installation locally.


RsyncXCD is based on the latest release of bootCD (l:root, p:bootcd). This CD allows you to pull down from your network server a loadset image folder to a machine that has only its hard drive and CDROM as possible boot sources. This CD will let you connect to your server as an Mac OS X client, and cleanly install your image folder onto a volume that later you will boot from. For best results with older machines, burning at 4x or slower speeds is recommended.

What's new in RsyncXCD

Version 2.1:


  • Insures /usr/local/bin/rsync will run
  • Simple RsyncX:
  • enhanced error reporting
  • update sync option
  • two-way sync option
  • Schedule RsyncX:
  • enhanced error reporting
  • added refresh button
  • Script Generator
  • update sync option
  • script generation bugfixes
  • more internal code cleanup
  • RsyncX Rotating Backup Assistant
  • creates a series of full backups in the space of differential backups
  • RsyncX Server Side Loadset Assistant
  • helps you retrieve and store entire volume onto server
  • RsyncX Client Side Loadset Assistant
  • helps you send and store entire volume onto server
  • RsyncXCD Script Generator Assistant
  • helps you create script to retrieve bootable volume for machine booted from an RsyncXCD
  • Enhanced chflags support

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