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Versatile backup utility.   Demo ($89.99)
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Personal Backup has been discontinued and is now a part of the Mac Premium Bundle 2013

Personal Backup lets you back up your Mac to external hard disks, DVDs, network volumes and more; create a bootable backup so you can restart your Mac from an external disk in case of problems; and synchronize folders across computers, such as from a desktop Mac to a laptop.
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Version 10.7.5: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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Jimge reviewed on 31 Oct 2012
This does exactly what I want it to, easily and quickly. I use it for backup and bootable backup ("cloning"). I looked around at the free software, and the commercial. This came up tops at under $30 ($27 with the download discount) for my two systems.

Differences between "Backup" (from whole volume to root level on destination), and "Clone" (creating a bootable backup) are relatively obvious as are the particular settings (more or less intuitive).

Does a nice job of incremental backups (a little slower as it seems to err on the side of recopying a few more files than, say, Silverkeeper does, but that is just how it seems).

The interface is nice and progress well reported.

I use it with an identical (and interchangeable for added offsite security) pair of LaCie Porsche Design mobile 1TB USB3/2 drives, with 4 partitions. It treats each partition as a volume.

Once set up (I had to do a second run a couple of times to get a complete and clean destination set), it all works perfectly.
[Version 10.6.5]


Fontanitum commented on 07 Dec 2008
Plenty of flashy, useless graphics, poor UI .... basic work done
Make sure you have plenty of room on your HD, Personal Backup X5 is VERY hungry. If you have changes in (say) 30% of your disk, you need al least 40% to 50% extra space available on the HD where the backup copy is. Apparently this "software" copies the WHOLE batch, then notices there are duplicates and deletes them, instead of doing this task, if not necessarily file-by-file, but at least (say) Gb by Gb. I shared this suggestion with the developer (he was staffing the Intego "castle" in a Mac show). His Highness thought it wasn't a bad idea and he would "think" about it for "one of" the upcoming releases.
[Version 10.5.4]

mktrashy commented on 29 Jul 2008
How is this product still on the market? It's been years since the switch from the old MacOS (when this was a really good piece of software) to OS X, and this buggy kluge crashes repeatedly. This company and these programmers have had a lot of time to get it right, but it is still floundering. How hard can it be to get it working properly? Do they not know what they're doing, or do they not care? This is what happens when a company buys a software product and doesn't support it with the necessary resources. Either fix it or get off the pot. Feature set is OK, but low marks for stability and obviously a poor value. Stay away from this till they put some heart back into it.
[Version 10.5.2]

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Jfm replied on 25 Aug 2008
I am quite surprised. It is true that there was a time when it used not to be reliable, and I switched for some time to other systems. No longer now, at least in my experience: I use it weekly for cloning my iMac Intel, and it has never failed over the past few months. It is not cheap, but it is easy to use.

teaspham reviewed on 25 May 2008
I originally bought Intego Personal Backup x4 which I found to be a solid program and then later updated to x5 about 3 months after x5 came out because I wanted the synchronisation functions.

I CANNOT recommend Personal Backup x5's synchronisation function. It is a horridly bug ridden program for synchronisation (which is a new feature of x5). For that, you should turn to ChronoSync.

Intego's technical support is also very horrible in responding to customer technical problems. They do not respond on time, if ever.

I was having a lot of errors when Personal Backup x5 was performing a synchronisation between two folders that exist on two different computers. The folders are 5GB in size and usually took over 45 minutes for the synchronisation to complete (and with errors) each time, not just the first sycn.

I finally gave up x5 hoping Intego would come out with a fix. They have not been responding to my requests for help nor have they been acknowledging that their program has bugs in it, if that is the case.

I've turned to the demo version of ChronoSync and the makes of ChronoSync have give me a time limited, unlimited data transfer serial number for the mean time to fully test out their program before I buy it. Using ChronoSync to perform the same function of syncrhonising the 5GB folders, the sync happens very quickly (in a matter of less than 4 minutes) and with no errors.

ChronoSync has not given me any errors. Intego's Backup constantly gives me errors and Intego's tech support seems to be indicating that it might be something I'm doing wrong. That is likely not the case since I have no problems with ChronoSync.

If you're considering a sycn or backup program, I recommend going to ChronoSync. It doesn't only do syncs, but backups too. ChronoSync will soon have the ability to create bootable backups too. Besides, ChronoSync is a cheaper software at $30.
[Version 10.5.1]

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teaspham replied on 25 May 2008
I used to highly respect Intego's Personal Backup. Their x4 version gave me no problems. But x5 have given me lots of problem and I wouldn't be as frustrated if their tech support actually worked with me or even finally acknowledge that there is a problem with their program and they're fixing it. To date, I have not received a firm reply from them about my problems.

I say ditch Intego and swtich to Econ Technologies, the makers of ChronoSync.

Jan_rybar replied on 27 Jun 2008
I went back to X4 version - it's fast and reliable.

kobeguy commented on 02 Jul 2006
I bought Backup X3 thinking it would be a solid and easy to use program - after all, how else could they justify the high price? In short, it never really worked well, with occassional crashes and a clumsy interface. In particular, the clone feature never worked. When X4 was released, I could see they cleaned up some of the mess and did a redesign. Great! and then I saw the "upgrade" price. Those of us who financed the work on the new version were rewarded with the prospect of paying big bucks for what we should have gotten the first time. I really feel ripped off. Save your cash for developers who give good value and treat their customers fairly. Deja Vu and Carbon Copy Cloner are great alternatives, work better, and cost a fraction of this program.
[Version 10.4.5]

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teaspham replied on 25 May 2008
Hey, Kobeguy, from reading your experiences it seems that what I'm experiencing is something that has been ongoing since Personal Backup x3, namely poor tech support. Personal Backup x4 seemed to be a solid program for me, but Personal Backup x5 is HORRID.

To users who have not yet bought Intego Personal Backup x5, my advice:

The regular demo version of ChronoSync only allows you to sync or back up 500MB of data. If you email them and ask for an time limited and data unlimited version, they will give you a serial number that will allow you to test the program fully with the program expiring in about 2 weeks. This way, you can test how well ChronoSync handles syncing or backing up folders larger than 500MB, if you need that.



gprovan reviewed on 03 Apr 2006
I too had version X3 on my system set up for Auto Update, and I too had it replaced by version X4. Not a good way to go about things!

Generally this application has been ok. One problem I found was that some files were not synchronizing and I had to create the scripts all over again, or pick the source disk and destination disk again.

Another problem was that if I tried synchronizing a large amount of files, say 7Gb, the system baulked and took days to complete. If I set it to synchronize 3Gb it worked in minutes.

I think I'll be looking elsewhere as this has given me several areas of concern.
[Version 10.4.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 20 Nov 2005
My computer was set for automatic updates so it updated to X4. The previous version was removed (including my custom scripts) - now I can't use the software as it is asking for me to enter a serial number, but my X3 serial number doesn't work. Surely they shouldn't be allowed to do this - forcing users to buy an upgrade, even if they don't want one?

"we protect your world"

We f**K it up more like!
[Version 10.4.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 28 Oct 2005
The high price for this upgrade is further increased by the application of the very high French VAT rate of 19.6% on all European purchases.

Perhaps Intego should consider using another European Country for downloading software - even the UK is only 17.5% VAT. This would reduce the cost in the EC.

After two days of use I have found it to be very buggy and doing horrible things with the memory. A lot of Disc full messages.

I have had to restart on several occasions but then discovered that if I relaunched the Finder this helped the memory to settle down.
[Version 10.4.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Sep 2005
Oh... what happened? This use to be absolutely THE best backup program for MacOS9. Simple beyond belief, incredibly efficient. Intego should take a long look at that last OS9 version, actually watch it run on a machine, and then try to duplicate that efficiency and smoothness.
[Version 10.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 May 2005
I am pleased to update my comments (answer to Jonathan Dale's review, below): the problems which I had listed seem to have been solved by the most recent release. After my previous frustrating experiences, the latest attempt has been surprisingly pleasant: I could easily clone my HD (40 GO) in about 90 minutes, no problem at all.
In order to prevent problems, I would however strongly recommend to desactivate temporarily - during backup - the screensaver and other energy-saving settings, which seemed to be (partly) the cause for the breaks during backup/cloning.

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

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Date:08 Oct 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
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Personal Backup has been discontinued and is now a part of the Mac Premium Bundle 2013

Personal Backup lets you back up your Mac to external hard disks, DVDs, network volumes and more; create a bootable backup so you can restart your Mac from an external disk in case of problems; and synchronize folders across computers, such as from a desktop Mac to a laptop.

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