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23 October 2002

4D component provides replacement for Explorer.


oEd Explorer is a 4th Dimension component that provides a replacement for the native Explorer in the Design Environment. oEd Explorer organizes all methods, including database methods, project methods, form methods and object methods, into a fully hierarchical display for easier access. The organizational schema completely respects Insider groups and component structures for simpler reference and a greatly eased development environment in 4D.

oEd Explorer is free to owners of DynamicStructure. Developers who want to use it without purchasing DynamicStructure can purchase the component at a discounted price.

oEd Explorer can be tested in demo mode by using the special serial number: "oEx*DEMO". With this special license, oEd Explorer is fully functional and only occasionally displays a reminder to the developer about running in demo mode. oEd Explorer contains two methods for you to use in your 4D development. One launches the oEd Explorer in a floating window, the other merely returns a reference to a hierarchical list containing all of the methods in your structure, letting you build your own custom explorer interface.

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