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05 December 2002

Make webpages of stories with words replaced by images.


PictureStories lets you make little webpages of stories you write where some of the words are replaced with images (called "rebuses"). Lots of people have written cute little storybooks for kids that are like this, so I thought I'd write an application that let me make them using online image search engines. Someone has probably had this idea before, but I couldn't find anything online anywhere, so I wrote it myself.

How Do I Use It? Keep an eye on the status bar at the bottom of the app's window, it gives instructions and feedback about what is going on. It's pretty simple...

  • 1. Write a short story in the main text window
  • 2. Click the "Add Images" button
  • 3. Click on any of the red words to replace it with an image
  • 4. Click the arrows beneath the word to cycle through images
  • 5. Use the buttons at the bottom to save or print your story

What's new in PictureStories

Version 1.4 adds Google searching, spell-check (on OSX), "open" command to load .txt files, outputs in Unicode for i18n (UTF-16)

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