1.0b9 16 May 2004

Launches items created with OpenOffice.


Developer website: Terry Teague

Start is an application for use with OpenOffice for Mac OS X. Start is a double-clickable Mac OS X application that allows the user to easily open documents created by "". It also provides an easy way to just launch "".

What's New

Version 1.0b9 adds the following:
  • Fix problem with the "Application.applescript" and "Utility.applescript" scripts being too long to edit with Script Editor - moved some handlers around, removed unused code etc, and created new "ChangeHistory.applescript" file.
  • Add support for Mac OS X 10.3.x Fast User Switching feature - each user has a different X11 DISPLAY. Original patches provided by Randolph Brown and others; support added to handle the actual X11 DISPLAY being used at runtime.
  • Add Preferences dialog field for the preferred X11 DISPLAY.
  • No longer need Direct to PostScript option.
  • Add support for handling files with special shell characters and Unicode characters in their filenames. Based on idea by Roger Jolly.
  • Add support for checking for updates, using MacPAD.
  • Add support for localized MacPAD messages.
  • Conditionally support the MacPAD "barber-pole" progress bar at runtime for different versions of Mac OS X.
  • Add additional User Defaults, including default "" module name.
  • No longer set DYLD_LIBRARIES_PATH.
  • Check if BSD tools are installed.
  • Default "" version to "" v1.1.x.
  • Add support for special handling of "-net" installs and "-net" workstation installs.
  • Launch "" document (if any), separately, after launching "" itself, to work around weird problems when documents have special shell chars in their name.
  • Major changes for handling paths and URLs.
  • Tidy-up debugging.
  • Fix bug with handling fonts dragged to "Start" after launch, if "soffice" has never been run (perhaps because of a X Window Server launch error).
  • Change Mac OS X 10.1.x hack to be an AppleScript Studio hack for older Mac OS X (< 10.2.3).
  • Increase wait time from 5-10 secs to 30 secs and improve checking for "" launch, as "" v1.1.x "pagein" process can take a long time on a slow machine before the "soffice" process is running.
  • Put up "Please Wait..." floating window before time consuming operations; automatically hide the window when choosing a X Window Server or when an error Alert is up.
  • Make "isProcessRunning" handler only look at processes for this user; and ignore "zombies".
  • Merge French localization resources from Yves de Champlain.


Requirements for the X11 version of "" Mac OS X 10.1.2 or newer (tested with 10.1.5, 10.2.3, 10.2.6) X11 X Window system (tested with "XFree86" v4.2.0, v4.2.1.1, v4.3.0) X11 X Window server(tested with "XDarwin" v1.1, v1.1.1.1, v1.2;"OroborOSX" v0.8b2, v0.8.5 "X11" Beta v0.1, v0.2, v0.3) X11 X Window window manager (tested with "windowmaker" v0.62.1X "OroborOSX" v0.8b2, v0.8.5; "quartz-wm" Beta v0.1, v0.2) "dlcompat" compatibility library (tested with v10505X and v20020913-10.2) "freetype" (optional - tested with v1.3.1X - libfreetype v6.2, v6.3) "fondu"(optional - tested with v021223) "ghostscript"(optional - tested with espghostscript-7.05.5) ""(tested with v1.0.1 Alpha, v1.0.1 Beta, v1.0.1 Final Beta, v1.0.3) "Start"

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16 May 2004
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