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13 October 2002

Keep track of how Virtual Memory is used.


VMometer is a Virtual Memory monitor. It keeps track of how often virtual memory is used and displays that information in its Dock icon. CPU monitors are often used to help determine why a system starts to feel slow. However, the greatest performance killer is disk usage. Your computer may only put a small load on the CPU and your computer will still feel like a slug if it is constantly using Virtual Memory. VMometer is meant to be a compliment to a CPU monitor and not a replacement. When used in conjunction with a CPU monitor, VMometer will give you a good idea as to what is going on inside your computer. VMometer can also be used to determine if you need to buy more RAM. Even the fastest of computers will feel slow and sluggish if they rely on Virtual Memory too much. Buying more RAM may open up the bottleneck that is killing the performance of your computer. VMometer will help you determine if your computer would benefit from buying more RAM.

What's new in VMometer

Version 1.1.1 adds the following:
  • New home. Thanks to everyone who registered!
  • French localization. (Thanks, Danny!).
  • Squashed some minor Jaguar display bugs.
  • Compiled with gcc 3.1.

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