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Amazon Get Info

19 October 2002

Amazon Associates link referral tool.


This application is for Amazon Associates who are interested in using the power of Amazon's new Web Services to gather information about products available on for the purposes of creating ads on Web sites. It has been very useful for our Web site, digitallyOBSESSED!, which contains over 3000 links to products on Searches 14 product categories and more than 25 types of information about products. Has Sherlock integration. Saves session search history. Returns both "lite" and "heavy" XML. Download product images and saves text data to a file. Allows viewing of XML Source. Send searches to IMDb and Google.

See 'Requirements' below, on this page.

What's new in Amazon Get Info

Version 1.5 adds the following:
  • Added the capability of returning up to 30 items on a search. NOTE: On a heavy XML search, more than 10 items can take a long time to download and parse all the data.
  • Added more potential bits of information from each product.
  • Included at the end of the production information is HTML for a text ad and an image ad using the thumbnail.

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