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WebPrint Plus X3.1

31 March 2004

Print selected areas of any document or webpage.


WebPrint Plus X provides an easy-to-use, unique, and powerful set of system-wide tools for collecting, saving, printing, and editing information with the Mac that work in virtually any program (including web browsers and email clients), that accelerate printing, that save users money by significantly reducing their use of consumables, that let users select and save or print anything from a single character to multiple pages, that let users add time-date stamps and notes to anything that they save or print (both text and images), and that greatly improve users' productivity when using their Macs.

What's new in WebPrint Plus X

Version 3.1 adds the following:
  • While there had been only a few reports of WebPrint Plus having a problem communicating with some applications in Panther (a dialog box would appear saying nothing had been selected or the same selection was being saved or printed again when this wasn't the case), new code has been added to WebPrint Plus X 3.1 that eliminates the possibility of this occurring. This new code also enables WebPrint Plus to work with an even greater number of applications.
  • WebPrint's contextual menu has the new option of being able to open WebPrint's preferences.
  • WebPrint's dialog boxes have been updated and they now include additional helpful information.

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