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22 February 2003

Performs basic mathematical factoring methods.


Factormania! is an AppleScript Studio application that performs some basic mathematical factoring methods on numbers and equations.  Namely, it will complete the square, factor a natural number into its primes, factor a square root radical to be simplified, and factor a trinomial into two binomials. It's easy to use, fast, and accurate. What more could you ask for?

What's new in Factormania!

Version 2.0 adds the following:
  • Added Quadratic Equation Tab
  • Added Greatest Common Denominator function
  • Added Least Common Multiple function
  • Added Clear All Fields command
  • Added 3-Variable square completion
  • Fixed problem in binomial factoring if C = 0 where it would either give wrong answers or "think" forever
  • Fixed problem in 2-Variable square completion that could give wrong answers if B or D were negative (oops!)
  • Fixed mislabeling of variables in 2-Variable square completion tab (boy, really on a roll now...)
  • Fixed a few minor cosmetic issues

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