8.0.2 04 Oct 2002

Provides access to X Windows apps.


Developer website: Powerlan USA Inc.

Note: An evaluation license is required and may be applied for here.

eXodus 8.0.2 is another giant leap forward for Powerlan's award-winning, market-leading X Server for Mac®. This new release not only offers a broad range of tools such as integrated Secure Shell security services, built-in OpenGL 3D graphics subsystem, but now also is enhanced with Jaguar support. By making essential aspects seamless, eXodus 8.0.2 gives not only supports the new Mac OS 10.2, eXodus also offers you: eXodus provides native support for Mac OS X, with its state of the art Aqua interface, as well as classic Mac OS. Since it runs on both equally proficiently, it gives you the freedom to migrate from old to new OS without compatibility or re-training concerns. Furthermore, performance has again been improved, keeping eXodus the X server performance leader for ALL Mac operating systems. eXodus includes its powerful TunnelMate? SSH Security Client providing the crucial security system you need to run X applications from anywhere without security concerns. Together they guarantee your X connections are encrypted while sheltering you from the underlying complexities of Secure Shell. eXodus includes OpenGL® support with hardware acceleration as a standard feature for 3D graphics support. This eliminates the need to purchase additional software, often required by other software vendors.

FEATURES, at a glance:

  • Security through TunnelMate Secure Shell Security Client
  • Connect to remote and local X clients both
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS 8.6 and up
  • Fully X11R6.4 compliant
  • Hardware accelerated OpenGL
  • Increased XDM Security
  • Local XDM Indirect Query Mode
  • Enhanced XDM Display Management Dialog
  • Compressed pcf font support
  • Rootless (Mac OS X Aqua, Classic Mac OS, & Motif ) Window Styles
  • Euro support


Mac OS 8.6 or later


Current Version (8.x)


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04 Oct 2002
OS Classic / OS X / PPC 32