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18 September 2008

Java refactoring/analysis tool.


RefactorIT is the first comprehensive refactoring tool targeted at the needs of Corporate developers. Refactoring is a cyclical activity to be done by each team member -- and RefactorIT is the first product to fully cover every part of the refactoring cycle. Whether you're in IT or end-user computing, your needs are different from classic Java hackers. You work on larger code bases, often comprising hundreds of modules and thousands of classes. You work in teams, and you use a code repository, but you don't have a long project cycle. You have dozens of things to work on, and not enough time to document what you're doing. RefactorIT is the fastest way to a clean code base. Refactoring helps you get your mind around a large and constantly evolving code base. More important, refactoring helps you evolve the code efficiently. RefactorIT has the specific feature set you need to understand and analyze code, reorganize and streamline it, test it, and use quantitative metrics to monitor its evolution over time.

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