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28 September 2002

Prevent audio hardware from sleeping.


KeepSoundAwake sits in the background and plays a "silent sound" every 20 seconds, thereby preventing the audio hardware from sleeping. This application is only useful if you have a recent Powerbook and OS X 10.1.2 or higher. It will not hurt otherwise, but there's no point in running it. This application addresses a couple of problems which appear on a Powerbook running OS 10.1.2 or higher. Due to a design flaw, the OS "sleeps" the audio hardware if 30 seconds go by without any sounds being made, regardless of whether or not the machine is plugged in. KeepSoundAwake is free software. It is free as in beer, and it is free as in redistributable with source code.

What's new in KeepSoundAwake

Fixed a memory leak that only manifests itself in Jaguar.

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