iCal Calling iTunes!
iCal Calling iTunes!


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iCal Calling iTunes!4.1

04 May 2006

Use iCal to notify iTunes when to play a song.


iCal Calling iTunes! is an AppleScript application that allows you to use iCal events to schedule iTunes playlists to play. From simple iTunes alarm clock to sophisticated background music scheduler...iCal Calling iTunes! gives you whatever level of flexibility you need! Simply enter the names of iTunes playlists as new events in iCal, set the start and stop times of each event, and iCal Calling iTunes! takes care of watching the clock and playing your iTunes playlists throughout the day, from startup in the morning 'til shutdown at night. You can schedule music hours, days, weeks, even months in advance!

With iCal Calling iTunes! you can:
  • Schedule the start and stop times of iTunes playlists, Smart Playlists, and Folder Playlists
  • Schedule Internet radio stations to play
  • Schedule playlist events to repeat every day, every x days, every week, different days every week
  • Change event times or create new events while the appplication is running
  • Set playlists to shuffle before playing
  • Set - or fade up to - a specific start volume for each scheduled playlist
  • Assign one of several scheduling calendars

This version of iCal Calling iTunes! runs in full-feature demo mode. In demo mode all features are available, however it will only run for 3 hours at a time. After you pay the shareware fee, you will receive a code that takes iCal Calling iTunes! out of demo mode so it can run unencumbered.

This update is free for registered users.

(I appreciate all feedback, but I cannot effectively respond to comments posted here. Please email your comments to me. Thanks!)

What's new in iCal Calling iTunes!

Version 4.1:
  • Detection of scheduled events improved for speed, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Daily, Weekly, and Custom Dailly and Weekly repeat events recognized
  • "on date" and "after" end settings in repeat events recognized
  • Option to delete all expired iTunes Calendar events before a user-specified date
  • On-demand Status dialog displays current playing playlist and next scheduled playlist
  • GUI changes
  • Checks for future updated versions
  • Includes helper AppleScript to create new events from iTunes playlist names

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2 Reviews of iCal Calling iTunes!

09 April 2003
Version: 2.0

Most helpful

very cool script. I found it to be very useful.
13 March 2004
Version: 3.5
I downloaded the app and followed the instructions. did not work
09 April 2003
Version: 2.0
very cool script. I found it to be very useful.


App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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