Trafic S5
Trafic S5


Trafic S5 free download for Mac

Trafic S5

25 September 2002

Psion/NetBook/Revo connection tool.


Trafic S5 is an application intended for file transfers between Psion Series 5/5mx, NetBook, Revo and APPLE computers. It allows the following operations:
  • Visualization of the repertories Psion and Mac in the same window (the accents of course are accepted).
  • Multiple selection for copy Psion/Mac or Mac/Psion
  • Erasing and of re-electing files
  • File conversion text Psion/Mac and Mac/Psion
  • Safeguard Psion discs

What's new in Trafic S5

2 fixes the following:
  • Traffic posted the dialogue of preferences at the end of the safeguard. Corrected.
  • Traffic does not reserve "more" than 4MB of memory (instead of 8) under OS 9.
  • Return of the English versions.

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