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04 April 2010

Create HTML pages from exported database.


WebMerge generates static HTML pages from your exported database. Build catalogs, ezines, contact lists, image galleries and more, quickly and easily. Works with output from nearly any database or spreadsheet, including Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, Panorama, AppleWorks, and Excel. Design templates for your index and details pages in your favorite HTML editor. WebMerge also lets save its settings to a file that can start generating pages by just opening it, completely automating your workflow.

What's new in WebMerge

Version 2.6:
  • CSS support has been added to tables. You can now specify CSS classes for the table, row, and cells with the TableClass, RowClass, and Cell class tags, respecively.
  • A new rawWithBR attribute has been added as an option for the WM-Field tag to allow you to preserve existing tags in your field data but have WebMerge replace any return characters with \"
  • New FTP Transcript window lets you review FTP session details when uploading pages (see Tools -> FTP Transcript).
  • The new WM-BBCode tag allows you to use very simple BBCode syntax in your database fields to describe Web content.
  • Improved performance of the modulo operator for the WM-If tag.
  • WebMerge now handles pagination of index files more robustly with some combinations of settings.
  • Improved FTP Settings window in both appearance and functionality.
  • Fixed bug in which index number serial numbers weren\'t padding correctly if the padding options were chosen.
  • Added better error-checking in the Sources tab setting delimiters.
  • When using the maxLen attribute of the WM-Field tag you can now include a noEllipsis option to have the text truncated without an ellipsis added.
  • Improved performance under Mac OS 10.6 and Windows 7.

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